I’m a curious foodie, a lover of sweets and wholesome vibrant plant foods (of course). My blog, UnconventionalBaker.com, is dedicated to sharing desserts and treats that anyone can enjoy and that are free from many health sensitive ingredients such as gluten, dairy, eggs, and refined sugars, etc.

I aim to keep all my recipes as nutritious, simple, and wholesome as possible, and have a fair bit of fun through the entire creative process.

My dietary lifestyle

In a few words: gluten-free, vegan, mostly raw, always wholesome. I’m happiest with simple foods and like to keep my meals non-fussy – just lots of fruit, veg, and simple comfort foods (like pasta, potatoes, etc.).

When circumstances permit, I grow some of my own food and enjoy foraging for wild edibles.

I’m also a curious foodie, and am always thrilled to discover new fruits, spices, and ethnic restaurants and dishes. And of course I love crafting raw desserts and the smell of something baking away in the oven…

My favourite recipe…

One of my favourites lately is this Canadian Maple Pie. It’s simple, a local classic, and it fills the whole house with the most amazing aroma as it bakes.