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Foodie Spotlight: Rainbow Nourishments

Hi, my name is Anthea and I am a food blogger and Instagrammer from Australia! Through my blog Rainbow Nourishments, I share quirky and colourful plant-based food. I hope that I can help people to find ways to nourish themselves and maintain a good sense of wellbeing.

Finding my path…

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been passionate about food, the creative arts, humanitarian issues and sustainability. I worked in the public service for many years until I realised my true passion was working directly with people, food and blogging. I only recently quit my public service job (yay!) and I am now so grateful that I can combine my various passions and, through Rainbow Nourishments, share them with people! When I’m not blogging or taking photographs, I am making raw vegan cakes for my small cake business or simply walking in nature!

Plant-based living

I am a vegan and my diet is mainly made up of plant-based wholefoods (lots of fruit and veg), never any refined sugar and minimal gluten. If I have time, I prefer to eat food of a range of colours (like the rainbow) as this is an easy way to ensure that I get a wide range of vitamins! However, I’ve been really busy recently so my diet has consisted of lots of frozen bananas (to make nicecream), homemade granola, salads and lots of raw cheesecake.

I just love nice cream

My favourite breakfast is nice cream – which is basically just frozen bananas whizzed until it reaches a smooth creamy consistency, flavoured with raw cacao and cinnamon and topped with homemade granola.


My favourite recipe on the blog is…

Oh, just one?!?! I’d probably have to say this deep dish pizza quiche. I’ve made it several times and it’s never failed on me (win win!). The recipe is super easy and the dish is delicious, light yet hearty.

My favourite food bloggers

At the moment, it is Green Kitchen Stories because their recipes are simple, their posts make me laugh and their photography is just stunning.

And because I believe in sharing the love, I’ll add a few more. I love Kath and Jade at Panaceas Pantry – they are just sweet ladies, I can relate a lot to their sustainability philosophy and their food photography is on point.

Last but not least, I adore Rawberry Fields. I am lucky to call Rachel a friend but she honestly has some of the most unique and creative plant-based food creations I’ve ever seen. Every time one of her blog or Instagram posts pops up on my feed, I silently or literally scream in amazed excitement!