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Foodie Spotlight: Marisa from Miss Marzipan

I’m a mother of 3, based in Stockholm, where I work as an art director & recipe creator. My recipes are inspired by my own personal health journey and influenced by my passion for creative expression.

My food philosophy

I don’t adhere strictly to any particular food philosophy or dietary approach, but much of what I create is low sugar, plant-based and has a healthier leaning. I am not a hard-line health freak and I find ‘dieting’ completely unappealing, but my current cooking/eating preferences are born of varied and (extremely) humble beginnings. At one point in my life (spanning 7 years) I was the unofficial title holder of World’s Unhealthiest Vegetarian, subsisting some days on just half a takeaway falafel roll. I spent some time after that as an omnivorous binge detoxer (Red Bull-drinking occasional juice faster), then finally started to explore home cooking.

During my first pregnancy I developed a chronic meat aversion. Later on, my second baby had a chronic infant dairy protein intolerance, which we discovered not long before my meatball-loving husband suddenly went vegan overnight. The combination of all of these factors led me to eat a largely plant-based diet (but healthier this time around!). Hypothyroidism, being focused on fertility health and needing to boost my energy as a busy mum led me to cut back on sugar and adopt a mostly “real food” philosophy, both things of which I find to be health-affirming.

a5958081eb08-MissMarzipan_HBC3During my life I have hit a few walls health-wise, many of them lifestyle related.

Eating well has provided me with so much more than just fuel and nutrients. Discovering a passion for cooking, for food and for living well has been a true joy. My first tentative and somewhat shaky cooking experiences led me to become determined to know more, to eat better… and to eat more! A catalyst in my wellness journey was TTC (or ‘trying to conceive’ as it’s known in non-TTC circles!). The road to motherhood was a long and bumpy one for me. Somewhere in amongst landing my “dream job”, TTC, miscarriage and trying to improve my health, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (a condition that is thankfully stable these days). The subject of food became of increasing interest and I decided to go organic whenever possible. The journey of whole foods and home cooking discovery continued throughout my pregnancy with my son, during which a sudden intense aversion to meat led me to experiment with vegetarian cooking. And then, during my high risk pregnancy with my daughter, all matters health and wellbeing-related were of primary importance to me.

We can’t choose all the things life hands us, but if we are fortunate we can choose what we consume. And I don’t think there’s a rational person out there who would argue that eating wholesome, home cooked food is detrimental to health. Personally, I have found a way to eat that works for me on many levels; one that feels health-affirming, exciting and genuinely enjoyable.

I want my children to love food; to love what it gives them in terms of enjoyment and nourishment, to love knowing about it, to love cooking it.

I don’t believe that a healthy diet is a miracle cure for everything, but it certainly provides a good foundation and balance. My children already love helping in the kitchen and they will always try the things they help to make. As a result, they will happily eat spinach, avocado, aubergine and various other things I would not have felt inclined to try when I was little. I don’t ‘hide’ vegetables in food in the form of purées and so on. Perhaps I would if they were veggie-resistant, but as they are not, I would rather they become accustomed to the look and texture of things. They take great pride in being able to identify produce when we go grocery shopping together. I refer to them as my ‘kitchen helpers’ and they receive positive encouragement for every stir of the bowl or sprinkle of spice they contribute to a dish we prepare together.

missmarzipan_sweetpotato_pancakes_toffee_nutMy favourite recipe is…

A favourite recipe is hard to pick, but if I had to choose one that I’d like to make right now, I’d choose my Spiced Sweet Potato Pancakes (with toffee nut crunch). They tick lots of proverbial boxes; quick, easy, plant-based, low-sweetener, comforting, and most importantly, delicious! They’ve also received great reviews from others who’ve made them.