We love celebrating the very best from the foodies in our community, who inspire us with their delicious and drool-worthy creations on a daily basis.

On the foodie spotlight, we share with you an insight into the person behind the inspirational recipes and mouth-watering Instagram posts.

My name is Lucy and I’m the face behind Lucy & Lentils!

My blog features all my own vegetarian and vegan recipes to spread the message that healthy cooking doesn’t need to be hard!

I am no self-proclaimed cook — I just love food — so in order to enjoy my favourite meals I try to make them as healthy and delicious as possible!

At university my diet was shocking, I’m talking chips, sweets, crisps, anything with sugar.

Then once realising that my jeans were never going to fit (even after much persuasion) so a new healthy lifestyle was in order! I am now fitness obsessed!

I love the energy you get from working hard and I love fuelling my body with delicious food that keeps me going. I’m by no means perfect and I fully believe in everything in moderation… even moderation itself!

My favourite recipe…

 My favourite recipe would have to be my Tomato Chilli Lentil Daal… I mean the blog name had to come from somewhere!

It’s so filling, full of flavour and packed with honest and healthy foods, plus it’s so easy to make.