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HBC Foodie: Good Eatings Blog

I’m Malin, the writer and creative behind the vegan (and gluten free) food blog goodeatings.com where I share a bunch of recipes, city guides from my travels and other things I find worth sharing. I originally hail from a Swedish small town and my last permanent residence was London. However at the moment I’m travelling the world before I settle down somewhere new. Luckily I find a home in my partner and best friend Rob whom I live/travel with. He is my number one (kind of picky) recipe tester and he’s a great photographer. I won’t let him help me with my food photography, haha, but he films all the videos for my rather new youtube channel ‘Good Eatings’; an endeavour I started at the end of last year and enjoy a lot.

As you gather from the title of this feature I love food, and always have. Until not long ago though I mainly ate it – not so much cooked myself. Now I’m hooked on cooking and love to share my kitchen discoveries with whoever is interested. Other interests of mine are travelling, photographing and watching way too many tv-series. At the moment I’m hooked on ‘Better Call Saul’!


My ethics

I’d define myself and my lifestyle as vegan – meaning that I do not eat, wear or use for personal pleasure any animal or animal derived product. I’ve made these choices for my own health but equally so for the animals who walk this earth who are terribly, often brutally, exploited and also for our planet’s health which is taking a toll from the ‘animal agriculture’ carried out to fulfil a demand for meat, eggs and dairy. If you want to learn more about a vegan diet I’d recommend watching documentaries like ‘Cowspiracy’ to understand the climate impact of animal agriculture, ‘Earthlings’ to see how animals are actually treated in this world and films like ‘Forks over Knives’ or ‘Foodmatters’ to learn about the health benefits of a plant based vegan diet.

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My favourite recipes


My three favourite blog recipes have to be the Decadent Triple Nut Brownies, the Quinoa Tabbouleh w. Crunchy Cumin Chickpeas and the Tomato, Aduki Bean and Sunflower Seed Spread!