We love celebrating the very best from the foodies in our community, who inspire us with their delicious and drool-worthy creations on a daily basis. On the foodie spotlight, we share with you an insight into the person behind the inspirational recipes and mouth-watering Instagram posts. Don’t forget to check out our Recipe sharing group to keep up to date with the wonderful creations from our community!

HBC Foodie: Eat My Thoughts

Hello, my name is Lorna from @eatmyyythoughts and I’m a plant-based nurse from England. I’ve always been interested in promoting health and I believe that nature is the key to good physical and mental well-being. And this is why I became a health blogger – to share my love for nature and food!

In my free time, I’m either in the kitchen, making a mess, or roaming around in the woods, jumping in puddles or taking photos of bees.  I also like gin. Health is all about balance, right!?


I don’t label myself as anything in particular, although my diet is predominantly free from animal products. I completely subscribe to Michael Pollan’s philosophy: “Eat real food, not too much, mostly plants.”

I love bakewell tart. I have recipes for Bakewell Tart Granola, Cherry Bakewell Bars…. (there’s a theme!) But my favourite recipe is definitely my Non-Bake Bakewell Tart. It’s vegan, gluten-free and contains only natural ingredients.