We love celebrating the very best from the foodies in our community, who inspire us with their delicious and drool-worthy creations on a daily basis. On the foodie spotlight, we share with you an insight into the person behind the inspirational recipes and mouth-watering Instagram posts. Don’t forget to check out our Recipe sharing group to keep up to date with the wonderful creations from our community!

Foodie Spotlight: Clemfoodie

Hi everyone! My name is Clémentine, I’m a 28-year-old foodie based in France. I’m a chocolate lover, nut butter connoisseur, cat owner, and rugby enthusiast. I graduated from a French Top Business School in 2015 with a Master Degree in marketing and never ever thought that I would one day launch my own blog!

It all started back in 2013 when I lived in the US and was introduced to the incredible world of nut butters, oatmeal and pancakes (which are definitely not staples of the French cuisine!). I then started sharing my daily meals and my kitchen experiments on my Instagram account and was asked to share my recipes… and so Clemfoodie was born! All my recipes require minimal amount of ingredients, little prep and are also budget-friendly. I also mainly focus on creating breakfast, snack and dessert recipes as I have the biggest sweet tooth ever! Most of my recipes are vegan and vegetarian, but I don’t believe in labels and think you should be eating what makes you feel good!

My dietary lifestyle

I eat a plant-based/vegetarian diet. I focus indeed on eating mostly whole plant foods, but as a real French I also enjoy some good cheese, bread and wine! I’m having a balanced approach to food and health and I don’t believe in restrictions, nor in a ‘one size fits all’ diet. I think everyone is different and should eat what makes them feel good, energised and most of all happy!

My favourite recipe…

 This chocolate chip banana bread recipe is my current favourite ! I could eat it every single day. It’s an easy-to-make recipes and contains some of my favourite ingredients (bananas, almond butter and chocolate). And this is a perfect example that eating healthy can also be fun, tasty and delicious!