We love celebrating the very best from the foodies in our community, who inspire us with their delicious and drool-worthy creations on a daily basis. On the foodie spotlight, we share with you an insight into the person behind the inspirational recipes and mouth-watering Instagram posts. Don’t forget to check out our Recipe sharing group to keep up to date with the wonderful creations from our community!

Foodie Spotlight: Charley’s Health

My name is Charlotte, I’m 22 years old and I run the healthy food and lifestyle blog: Charley’s Health. I first developed a passion for health and fitness a few years ago whilst in college and later went on to gain my personal training qualification. Nutrition is a huge part of training and leading a healthy lifestyle, and I soon developed a love for creating recipes, to make healthy eating exciting.

I created my blog as a place to share my recipes and passion with other people and I couldn’t be happier with how it has developed and the amazing opportunities it has led to. I love how incredibly supportive and positive this community can be and that so many like-minded people can come together and empower one another. I’m definitely happiest when I’m in my kitchen creating recipes (and a mess), and I’m also obsessed with food photography. This was something that developed when I really started to get into blogging and has now become a huge passion of mine. I was always really into my art at school, so I think that’s where it stemmed from. When I’m not in the kitchen or glued to my laptop, I’m usually at the gym, going out for food or shopping – or doing all three, that would be the perfect day! 

My dietary lifestyle

I don’t really like to label or categorise my diet as it pretty much includes a bit of everything. My diet is mainly based around whole foods and I eat a tonne of veggies! Not just because it’s good for you, but I just really love vegetables. I could happily just eat a whole plate of stir-fried veggies for dinner. But I wouldn’t say that I fit into any particular diet or category.

My favourite recipe…

that’s a really hard one.. I would probably say that my favourite recipe at this moment in time would be the salted peanut butter frosted brownie cake. Just because I really love peanut butter and raw brownies and this combines the two of them. It’s rather indulgent, but still pretty easy to make and really tasty!