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Foodie Spotlight: Mari from Blueberry Smoothies 

Hello! I’m Mari, and I live in Finnish Lapland. I enjoy the honour of being a mum to two lovely daughters, and a loving wife to a creative and gorgeous man. Next January I will gain my degree as a nurse and start work as a mental health professional. I´ve always been into healthy foods and started sharing meals on Instagram to connect with other passionate foodies, and to discover new ideas. Photography has been a fun hobby over the years, so I’m hoping to spend more time focusing on it and learning more.

Adventures in the wilderness

Life up here in the north is generally relaxed, though of course with small kids it can get quite hectic. We often go for adventures in the wilderness and sit by camp fires, northern Norway being our current favourite place to travel. We’ll pack our bags again this summer and drive up to Senja to swim in the cold sea, enjoy the mountains and breathe the crisp air. We have fresh, clean forests close to home too, which are abundant with organic berries. Every autumn we forage tens of litres of wild blueberries, lingonberries and cranberries to keep us sipping flavonoid packed smoothies through the winter. We are also about to finish our glass house at the back garden, hubby is a keen gardener and I’m learning a lot from him every season.

IMG_20160416_155431-600x600My dietary lifestyle

We always keep a pantry of fresh fruits and veggies at home, and cook home-made meals for our children. A healthy and organic plant-based diet is an endless inspiration, there are always new taste combinations to discover and yummy smoothie flavours to try. Smoothies have been a big part of my diet for over 10 years; wild blueberry and banana was my first favourite, and I was hooked on it for years. I guess we Finns are nuts about berries. We forage for them day and night, under the summer’s midnight sun.

Juicing is something I’m also keen to try more, and while I am looking into getting a juicer, I make raw veggie drinks using a blender. A friend of ours made delicious tomato, celery, garlic and virgin olive oil drinks for us this spring, and ever since, we have been fans of veggie shots. They also make delicious starters!

My favourite recipe…

My favourite recipe is most definitely raw vegan lingonberry cake. It never gets old. Tangy lingonberries, with the edge softened by cold-pressed coconut oil, tastes heavenly. It´s a sweet collaboration of local and global foods. The crust is made with pecan nuts and soft dates, with a hint of salt and raw cacao nibs, which go very well with lingonberries. You can’t go wrong with this cake, and it’s easily adjusted for different occasions, and with different berries.

On the savoury side, Im into spring cabbage salad with marinated tofu, celery and red apple. It needs only a dash of balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Spring cabbages are full of iron, and I confess that I have enjoyed a bowl every day this week!

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