We love celebrating the very best from the foodies in our community, who inspire us with their delicious and drool-worthy creations on a daily basis. On the foodie spotlight, we share with you an insight into the person behind the inspirational recipes and mouth-watering Instagram posts. Don’t forget to check out our Recipe sharing group to keep up to date with the wonderful creations from our community!

Foodie Spotlight: Bettina from Bettina’s Kitchen

I started my health journey 6 years ago when I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome and endometriosis. After being told that the likelihood of me ever conceiving was next to none, I decided to make a change to my lifestyle.

I don’t like labelling my food

Personally I like to call my food PLANT BASED because VEGAN can be seen as a fully immersive lifestyle (including what we wear, what we buy, how we holiday) and it is a word so beset with connotations that it can be immediately overwhelming for beginners. Plant based to me means that 95% of what I cook comes from vegetables and fruits and the rest  from grains, nuts and seeds, for the rest I give myself 5% wiggle room.  Honey and bee pollen are in some of my recipes for health benefits but these will be clearly marked out in the recipe section for those of you who are strictly vegan. I don’t like putting labels on my food. I would like my food to speak for itself and to the people who are enjoying it.

My favourite recipe is…

My Curry Recipe, just because it is so easy. It’s a great recipe if you have left over sad vegetables and it’s simple and cheap to make.