During our research to find the hottest trends and coolest products, we come across up-and-coming brands and products we love that we just have to share with you!

Some of the brands below you’ll find involved with the Health Blog Awards on 21st September, others are simply products our team have tried, tested and loved.

Let’s take a look at what’s trending in the HBC Recommended Edit this week.

Probiotic Chocolate, OhSo

Wouldn’t it be clever if someone crammed over a billion live, good-for-your-gut bacteria into a perfectly sized bar of chocolate? Wouldn’t it be clever if it was gluten and nut free and contained only 63 calories? and how amazing if it was made with delicious, high-quality Belgian chocolate? Well, that’s exactly what OhSo have done. The live bacteria, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, within OhSo is three times more likely to get through to the gut than a probiotic yoghurt, helping to improve health and digestion. This chocolate bar delivers more than just the feel good factor!

Perfect for: Making your soul happy as well as your tummy!
Pick it up at: Buy online from OhSo.com and use code ohsohbc1 to get 20% off.

Festival Survival Kit, Skin & Tonic

Summer may be well underway but there are still lots of festivals to look forward to! If you’re still undecided whether you want to party in a park or immerse yourself in a weekend of wellness, check out our wellness festival guide. Whether you’re camping in a field for a weekend or just living it up for a day, this festival survival park has everything you need to help you party like a pro, eco-style. Featuring a bamboo toothbrush, nourishing lip balm, heart-shaped sunglasses that support communities in Malawi, and bio-degradable eco-glitter, we love this limited edition festival must-have!

Perfect for: the eco-conscious festival goer
Pick it up at: Available to buy online from Skin & Tonic

Pure Pecanmilk, Malk Organics

Almond and coconut milk may be staples of your morning porridge routine, but have you tried pecan milk? From deep in the heart of Texas to the mountains of Tibet, Malk Organics blend the highest quality ingredients in perfect proportion using cold-pressed methods to blow your taste buds away. In this plant-based drink, organic pecans meet real maple syrup and a touch of vanilla to give a sweet tasting and refreshing

Perfect for: adding into smoothies, mixing with porridge or splashing into coffee!
Pick it up at: Available to buy in store in the US. Find your closest stockist here.

Raspberry, Ginger & Vanilla Tea, The London Tea Company

We love our morning coffee hit as much as the next Londoner, but sometimes we want a hot drink that doesn’t contain such a caffeine boost. This is where our herbal tea love comes in. The London Tea Company offer a variety of Fairtrade certified herbal infusion blends, from zingy lemon & ginger to peach & rhubarb, and our favourite, the Raspberry, Ginger & Vanilla. We love satisfying our sweet tooth craving with this fruity tea and getting the energising buzz from the ginger at the same time.

Perfect for: Replacing your coffee with a fruity hit of hibiscus.
Pick it up at: Available to purchase online.