During our extensive research to find the hottest trends and coolest products, we come across up-and-coming brands that we just have to introduce you to! Some of the brands below you’ll find at the HBC Summit in April others are simply products our team can’t live without. Let’s take a look at what’s trending in the HBC Recommended Edit this week.

Good Oats, The Good Guru 

The Good Guru’s organic and gluten-free oats provide an excellent source of fibre and slow-release energy. The oats are combined with whey protein, which is full of amino acids, to give you a sustained energy boost that keeps you going throughout the day. The Good Oats come in three flavours: Good Oats & Berries, made with antioxidant rich freeze-dried berries, Good Oats & Apple, with added apple pieces, and Good Oats & Seeds, packed full of healthy omega seeds. Each flavour tastes great, making oats a fantastic and delicious start to the day ahead.

Perfect for: Starting your day with a fibre and protein rich energy kick that will fuel your busy day

Pick it up at: Available online from The Good Guru.

Glow blend, We are Tea

Part of We are Tea’s Super Tea range, the Glow blend is a supportive and delicious mix featuring red berries, calendula and a traditional blend of herbs. Designed to bring sparkle back to skin, it’s packed with anti-oxidants and active ingredients to maintain skin health, such as echinacea, dandelion, nettle, mixed red berries, and petals. We are Tea partnered with nutritionist Amanda Hamilton to develop and launch this range of delicious, ethical and award-winning health teas. Who doesn’t love a soothing cup of herbal tea on an evening?

Perfect for: feeling the glow inside and out

Pick it up at: Available to buy online from We are Tea or in store at Sainsbury’s

The Happiness Planner

We are big fans of keeping a gratitude diary and appreciating the small wins in life. So naturally, the Happiness Planner is one of our favourite journals around. It helps to set goals, realise ambitions, track progress and reflect on highs and lows. We love the daily inspirational quotes at the top of each page, they help to spread positivity and set intentions for the day. If you’re looking for a way to cultivate emotional strength in small daily doses and integrate more of what makes you happy in your life, we cannot recommend this planner enough. Oh, and it also comes with a gorgeous rose gold pen so you can document your thoughts and dreams in chic style.

Perfect for: Realising what makes you happy, adding it to your life and feeling fulfilled from within.

Pick it up at: Available online from The Happiness Planner

Bliss Balls, Superfood Bakery

The Raw Bliss Ball mix from Superfood Bakery is full of superfoods: amaranth, chia seeds, flaxseed and raw cacao, to name a few! It’s a healthy and wholesome snack to have after an intense workout session. The mix is gluten-free and suitable for vegetarian or vegan lifestyles. You can also play around and add dates, your favourite nut butter, avocado or even some orange juice with zest! These bliss balls will last in the refrigerator for up to 10 days (but you’ll finish them sooner!).

Perfect for: Having healthy snacks on hand when sugar cravings hit!

Pick it up at: You can get them on superfoodbakery.co.uk or at these shops