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By giving to someone else you are giving to yourself

Last month I started doing volunteer work for Meals on Wheels in Coolum and I am loving it! When I came home on Monday after a couple of hours in a car visiting cute elderly people (with even cuter dogs!!)

How I Stay Fit & Healthy When Travelling

We have all been there at some point haven’t we… Gone on holiday, over-indulged, spent a little too much time lying in the sun and not quite enough time moving our body and boom – you come home with a few extra pounds as well as a sun tan.

Finding The Perfect Gym

When it comes to finding the right gym I feel like I step into my own real life version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears – nothing is quite right. Now, I love going to the gym, but over the …

How To Eat Better 101 – Fitness Food & Travel

Nutrition can be a confusing and complex topic. There are many different methods of nutrition which claim to all achieve similar results. This makes understanding how to eat better difficult and often leads to people “diet hopping”. Personally, I hate the word diet as it implies that there is a start and end to eating well.