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Losing Weight and Being a Feminist – My Simple Life

There is so much talk around at the moment on what being a feminist means – I’m a huge feminist because I believe in the rights of every single woman out there, and more importantly have the belief that women should support women. There are so many incidents, and I have been victim to these …

how to pack a healthy & satisfying on-the-go lunch

Healthy and delicious lunches helps curve sugar cravings, gives you something to look forward to in your day, and brings better balance to your diet. Read on to learn a few tricks of the trade for packing a healthy and satisfying lunch on-the-go!

The importance of self-love as a runner

Coming up to Valentine’s day, I thought it would be of particular importance to address the issue of self-love in the context of running. Of course, it’s applicable to everyone and I’m not trying to label it as a ‘running-only’ concept, but I think its significance is especially overlooked by runners which is why I’m…

Going Sugar Free: A Registered Nutritionists Advice

As part of Sugar Free February I’m going sugar free (cutting out all refined sugar and added sweeteners e.g. maple syrup or stevia) to raise money to donate for meals for the homeless.

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