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Ban Hass | Personal Training | London

Ban Hass Female Personal Trainer South West London. Fulham, Chelsea, Kensington, Knightsbridge, Belgravia. Weight-loss & Body Sculpting through Resistance Training & HiiT. Health & Fitness Blogger. Diet/ Nutrition Advisor.

Why you Should Never Forget to Stretch – FlexFit Dance

I deliberately scheduled this post for “FlexFriday” (as it is now known amongst avid hashtaggers) to draw attention to an aspect of fitness that is ridiculously important, yet categorically ignored. Flex doesn’t just stand for strength – it also stands for Flexibility. Coming from a dance background, I was brought up in an environment that …

Guest blog post This Granny Can…

We spend far more time on instagram and social media than we should probably admit, mainly looking through fitness, food and of course puppy accounts. One of the things that is great about Instagram is that it provides an opportunity to stumble across some fantastic accounts, that show people working hard, enjoying training, sending out incredibly…

You Are What You Absorb

Maintaining our gut health, or gut bacteria, is absolutely critical for the absorption of nutrients from the foods we eat. A poor gut function can lead to numerous issues such as a weak immune system, improper digestion of foods and the production of gases leading to stomach bloating and discomfort.

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