At the HBC we make it our mission to inspire you with wonderful ways to reclaim your day off.

This time we are challenging you to find your Zen in the kitchen, with our very own HBC bake-off, in collaboration with CNM Natural Chef.

We’re inviting foodies from all backgrounds to put their skills to the test and share their favourite creations with us.

As an influencer and/or blogger who loves food (and talking, writing and snapping food) we want you to join us in our Reclaim your Day off Campaign by spreading the good word about taking some time for yourself and indulging in one of the HBC favourite activities: cooking.

How do I enter the HBC Bake Off with CNM Natural Chef?

To enter, just bake something that’s both delicious and in line with the HBC ethics (think balanced, delicious, vibrant) and post the recipe, along with pictures or video footage, on your blog or Instagram.

Then send the URL, along with a high-resolution image of your baking creation, to the HBC using the form below before the 23rd April.

We’ll pick the baked goods that we think look the tastiest and post the 30 shortlisted on our website by the 7th May.

We’ll then have a public voting round, which will end on 28th May: our finalists will be chosen on the basis of both the total number of votes that the entry receives and our assessment of how delicious it is, and whether it is in line with the HBC ethics.

Credits: Eat First

We’ll announce the finalists on the website by 4th June, ready to take on the HBC Bake Off Challenge in front of a jury of judges on August 17th, tackling recipes coming from our main sponsor Eat First.

Eat First are super excited to be the main sponsor of the Health Bloggers Community ‘Bake Off’:

EatFirst leads the way on healthy, sustainable and gourmet cuisine and we understand the need to cater to all dietary requirements. We’re looking forward to getting involved with the event from start to finish!

The overall winner of the Bake Off will win an incredible prize to really help them up their baking game from our amazing sponsors.

You can learn about how to enter on the official HBC Bake Off Website.