A few weeks back, whilst guest-teaching a class for eager wannabe-bloggers, I received a question from one of my students: “as a foreigner how can I make my grammar is on point when writing?”

Now, as a fellow foreigner, I do know the feeling very well. It can feel overwhelming trying to remember all the rules that go along with grammar and punctuation – especially when you go into the word-scrambling mode and start using wrong expressions that only raise eyebrows in the audience.

If thesaurus is a writer’s bestie (seriously, words, I mean – is it only me finding them sexy?), the nifty tool called Grammarly is your new writer’s companion.

A lot of people have very strong thoughts about writer’s flow. I find there is nothing more disrupting than overthinking grammar, however, proofreading often needs a fresh pair of eyes.

Just like a virtual pair of eyes, Grammarly catches the mistakes and makes great suggestions for improving your writing.

You can take things to next level with Grammarly Premium, which includes vocabulary enhancement suggestions, genre-specific writing style checks, and even more grammar and spelling checks, and a plagiarism detector that checks more than 8 billion web pages. 

A great way to get started is to install the FREE extension into your browser, and Grammarly will check your writing across multiple websites including Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress.

If you are looking for an extra boost, you can upload/ copy paste your work directly into their app or website to see what mistakes you need to fix.

All you have to do is click on the word that you want to fix, and Grammarly will fix it for you. You can also choose to ignore some suggestions – yes, Grammarly, I was planning on writing amazeballs thank you very much.

Grammarly always shows a breakdown of what needs fixing by clicking on the pen tip icon in the sidebar, and you can turn features on and off to limit what things the tool brings to your attention. The aim is to support you with writing in beautifully clear English.

Some cool features to highlight include:

  • Contextual Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Sentence structure
  • Style
  • Vocabulary
  • Plagiarism

A few of my favourite features

Contextual Spelling

This feature can help you to notify the misspelled words while you write a post for your blog. It not only notifies the wrongly spelled words but also suggests some of the proper spellings related to the misspelled word. In some cases, some of the words like names would also be shown as an error. In such case, you can make use of ignoring once and add to dictionary options.

Grammar and punctuation

Grammar mistakes include inappropriate use of tenses, articles, and much more possible grammatical aspects. Punctuation is crucial for perfect content. A misplaced punctuation could change the meaning of the sentence, so it’s essential to have this spot on.


Doubling up as a thesaurus, Grammarly also helps you with the flow and vocabulary within your work. It’s an essential part, often overlooked, of your content, and creating variety helps both you and the audience reading it.

Give Grammarly a spin, install the FREE extension into your browser, or check out their website for more information.