This week we share the stories from our shortlisted Vegan and Recipe bloggers, ahead of the Health Blog Awards.

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Vegan Bloggers

Romy from Romy London

Romy discovered a love for cooking after going vegan in 2014 and has since spent more time in her kitchen than anywhere else.

I believe that everything is possible on a vegan diet: whether you’re an athlete, simply love healthy food or like to stick to comfort foods you knew growing up!

Over the past 12 months I’ve been working hard on taking my blog to the next level. From having a writers blockage, I went to writing for my blog constantly and more than tripled the amount of posts I create on the blog. I feel that after a lot of experimenting I finally found my flow with the blog and am very happy and proud to have gotten to this point with hard work and dedication!

I want to be an inspiration for people to see how simple and easy it is to live a wholesome vegan lifestyle, without having to make sacrifices, and by growing my blog further I am one step closer to my goal.

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Megan from Plantbased Londoner

Megan is a nutrition and holistic health coach, wellness enthusiast, recipe developer, content creator and avid nut butter addict.

My blog is home to a selection of nourishing yet oh-so -indulgent, hormone healthy recipes.

I am super passionate about education other on the importance of nutrition and hormonal balance. My blog and instagram is very much my world, and I pride myself on presenting the highest quality content and imagery I possibly can!

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Yasmin from Nourishing Yas

Yasmin’s blog is focused on sharing uncomplicated and affordable yet delicious plant based recipes along with tips on mental health, nutrition and well being.

I hope that through sharing my own anorexia recovery journey, I can inspire others to be the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves.

I create recipes that are packed full of flavour and show that being vegan doesn’t have to mean deprivation or limp lettuce leaves at every meal – in fact the majority of my recipes taste like dessert! The focus on my blog is on cutting out diet culture, filling up on bowls of goodness and being the healthiest and happiest version of yourself possible.

I put positive body image and mental health at the forefront, coupled with no nonsense nutrition in order to lead the happiest life possible. I also hope that through sharing my own anorexia recovery journey, I’ve helped at least one person or provided someone with the hope that there is life beyond an eating disorder.

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Recipe Bloggers

Delicia from Nuritiously Delicia

Delicia created Nutritiously Delicia as a way of sharing her plant-based recipes and to show how eating a good diet has helped her with nutrition, struggles with IBS, acne and mental health.

I truly believe that everyone can benefit from including more plant-based foods in their diet.

I have been interested in science and food since I was little and I started my blog about a year ago to share plant based recipes. My aim is to show people that that eating a balanced plant based diet doesn’t mean you need to stick to strict labels; instead it’s about concentrating on adding more fruit and veg into your diet in a delicious way!

I also started studying nutrition this year as a means of combatting the amount of misinformation spread by some health and wellness bloggers. This is definitely something I want to change and is another element I am adding to my blog.

In the future, I would really love to use social media to open my own nutrition practice and possibly a food brand/business.

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Emily from The Wright Foodie

Emily is a Nutritional Cook and mother of two who is passionate about creating healthy, nourishing and delicious meals the whole family can enjoy. Her blogging journey began when she started weaning her daughter which encouraged her to re-examine her attitude towards food. She wanted to maximise the nutritional content of everything her children were eating, and that started to filter down to the way she ate too.

I am very much an advocate for positive nutrition– focusing on the foods we can and should eat, instead of what we shouldn’t.

It was upon discovering that my husband has a BRCA 1 gene mutation, making him statistically more susceptible to certain types of cancers, that I really began to understand the power food has in supporting good health and wellbeing. I wanted to be pro-active and change what was in our control, like diet and lifestyle, to give him the best chance of the faulty gene not being activated.

I strongly believe that nutrition can be used as an incredibly powerful preventative tool, so I went on to study Nutrition in Practice at Leiths Cookery School in London. Completing that course left me with a passion for cooking delicious healthy food and a burning desire to share all that I had learned so that I could positively impact other people’s health and well-being too.

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Tanya from Fit Foodie Nutter

Tanya’s blog is all about healthy, nourishing and yet delicious meals that are predominantly vegan and vegetarian. She is a firm believer that good, healthy food does not take hours to prepare – it’s all about being savvy and a little creative with the simplest ingredients.

Good food is what makes you glow from the inside.

I’m a busy mum who feels that us mums have a responsibility to teach our new generation about the right way to look after our health. If we all set great examples to our children about living a healthy yet fun and fulfilling life, we can help set them up for success and well being from a young age.

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