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Beauty and Lifestyle

Emma from Fit Cake

As a top 100 healthy lifestyle and outdoor adventure blogger (Feedspot), Emma’s goal is to encourage and inspire others of all ages to live an active, healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally.

I love to share the best of the outdoors so my readers can get out exploring too.

I aim to inspire realism and a healthy, active lifestyle without all the fads and superficial rubbish that can be a huge part of the online community.

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Sophie from Sophie’s Suitcase

Sophie’s Suitcase is an award-winning UK wellbeing and lifestyle blog focusing on all aspects of life including mental health, meditation and healthy living.

I aim to promote open conversation around mental health.

Wholesome living is incredibly important in today’s world, and despite the busy lifestyles we lead, we need to ensure we leave time for our mental health and physical health. I continually talk about mental health, wellbeing and healthy living, as a part of my life, ensuring that the conversation around mental health is an open one, and that healthy living is defined by our own choices and no one else.

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Louise from the Beauty Bank

The Beauty Bank is an online destination for natural, organic beauty encompassing a great focus on wellbeing.

My blog is my way of venturing into the wonders of natural skincare and make up.

I may be your average woman, mother, friend or sibling. But we’re all special, we all deserve to feel great and most importantly learn to take care of ourselves in order to be well. That’s the message I like to spread, and hopefully along the way I’ll make you feel special too.

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Science and Nutrition

Kirstin from Taste & See

On her blog Taste & See, Kirstin shares tips and tricks from an evidence-based perspective as she continues to learn more about nutrition.

I’m particularly interested in understanding how our relationship with food can impact our overall wellbeing and long-term health.

Over the past couple of years as I’ve progressed through my nutrition education and have learned a whole lot more about blogging and sharing my recipes, photographs and writing. I have been able to meet some amazing people and develop a wonderful community of followers that have an interest in evidence-based nutrition and food freedom.

The mix of nutrition writing, and easy, affordable recipes makes it accessible and interesting to people from many different backgrounds. I absolutely love spending time cultivating my little space on the internet.

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Surina from the Foodie Dentist

Surina, founder of the Foodie Dentist, currently works for the NHS as a General Dental Practitioner. She is passionate about eating well and is fascinated by the links between poor nutrition and a host of dental problems.

My blog is to inspire and educate others on the power of nutrition for our oral health.

I feel there is lack of awareness on the links between poor nutrition and oral health and I am so passionate about spreading the word and encouraging my patients to eat well, not only for their general health but oral health too!

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Caroline from Suppers in Season

Suppers in Season is a blog for healthy, seasonally inspired recipes, along with healthy eating and nutritional opinions and advice. The founder, Caroline, is a student naturopathic nutritional therapist, and uses the knowledge she has gained through her studies to guide her content and her recipes.

I would love to publish a book (or two)!

I am passionate about food and health, leaving a city career two years ago to retrain in nutrition after a serious health scare. I am a self taught cook and photographer and am hoping in the future I can help people discover a love of healthy food through my work as a therapist.

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