The Health Blog Awards are getting closer, so we’re back to share the stories from some of our  bloggers, this week featuring our shortlisted Instagrammers and New Bloggers

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Laura from @laurabiceps

Laura Hoggins is a strength and conditioning coach and PT, founder of Lifted Fitness and head trainer at Ministry of Sound Fitness.

I started my Instagram account as a way of recording my journey into health & fitness. It was my accountability which became my network to the outside world, to be able to inspire people I have never met before to move and be more active.

If I can turn my life around, you can too.

I believe it is important to share the good and the not so good, as a real and authentic account of me, what I genuinely do, every day. And I love it!

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Jon from @healthyjon

Jon Weston-Stanley is an England touch rugby player and health and fitness blogger, creating delicious, nutritionally sound, easy to make recipes that are perfect for the everyday athlete.

I created HealthyJon to inspire and assist people in living the healthiest life they can.

Healthyjon is about optimising health in every capacity and trying new things along the way. When it comes to my nutritional regime and fitness I believe that if you eat well, train hard, acquire as much knowledge as possible and implement what you learn, the results will come. This is the message that I am trying to spread. It does not matter about your fitness level, your talent, how much you can lift or how fast you can run. It is about the amount of effort that you put in! Hard work beats talent every day of the week!

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Cam from @camilladempster

Cam Dempster is a UK wellness coach who teaches women to ditch the binge, restrict, guilt cycle. She takes a holistic approach looking at past emotional trauma, removing limiting patterns, coaching, nutrition, fitness and mental health.

I empower women to live their best life, self-defined.

After 15 years of dieting and using exercise to control how I looked, I was diagnosed with PCOS. This was a massive wake up call for me and I felt as though the years of punishing my body had finally caused it to shut down. I decided I no longer wanted to be subject to rules, diets and strict exercise programs.

Enough was enough. I wanted a different approach.

Now, I use my Instagram to share the sciences, systems and tools I have learnt from my own  journey with as many women as I can, in order to help them change their negative views and beliefs about themselves. I use nutrition, exercise, life coaching and my own special concoction of creativity, compassion and courage to do what I do. And that’s my highest expression.

I like to say what I do is voodoo science magic. And I think it’s a pretty apt description.

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New Bloggers

Amy from Nourishing Amy

Nourishing Amy offers vegan recipes, plant-based advice and inspirational messages to nourish your soul and body. Eating and living the Nourishing Amy way is to be in tune with your body’s natural rhythm, to listen to its cravings and to treat each meal as a special occasion.

My aim is to nourish readers from the inside out.

I am passionate about food, health and happiness and I bring my unwavering enthusiasm and dedication to each blog and Instagram post. I have a burning desire to encourage, inspire and uplift others through healthful recipes and motivational messages.

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Emily from the Vogue Veggie

The Vogue Vegetarian is a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle blog set up by Emily Lord, focusing on amazing plant based recipes to help people feel their best and inspire them to cook vegetarian and vegan meals.

I’m passionate about promoting healthy vegan and vegetarian lifestyles and hope to inspire people to cook no matter what their ability.

I would love to be able to continue increasing my reach, so I can meet people, inspire them to try my recipes and reassure them that they don’t have to miss out when turning to a vegan or vegetarian diet, even when having to avoid dairy, gluten or sugar. Eventually I would also love to discuss living a healthy lifestyle on my blog and promote cruelty free brands.

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Amy from the Bath Blogger


Dedicated to 20-somethings, struggling with food-issues, job-woes and just general life worries, Amy’s blog is for those who share her love for all things health, body and fitness. Her blog is the platform from which she shares her ED recovery, discusses why it is okay not to conform to the ‘norms’ and generally posts relatable content to help people who are going through something similar.

Since I started blogging, writing has become a form of therapy for me.

By writing and blogging, I have been able to face head on some skeletons that I didn’t know were still lurking around. I have confronted them, and want to share my experiences with anyone who might be feeling the same.

I don’t promise to have all the answers, but I really want to help those who might be having a wobble and I hope that when people read my story and posts, some of these worries might be alleviated. Being in your 20’s can be hard, and if I could make one person’s life a little easier, then I’ve succeeded.

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