The Health Blog Awards are getting closer, so we’re back to share the stories from some of our shortlisted bloggers, this week featuring our Free-From and Illness Recovery bloggers.

Free-From Bloggers

Emma from Free-From Farmhouse

Emma’s free-from blog is all about family, food and allergy friendly adventures – helping you stay safe and sane as an allergy family.

I help families whose children have been diagnosed with allergies.

I share my experiences of raising two children with multiple allergies and share advice, insight, support and recipes. My blog has a loyal following and I have a book coming out next year about living with allergies, in conjunction with allergy UK. I am a judge in the free from food awards, speaker at allergy and free from show and judge in allergy UK Hero Awards.

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Sophie from Oat So Delicious

Oat So Delicious is a gluten free healthy eating blog, focussing on delicious breakfast and baking recipes. Having been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease 3 years ago, Sophie is on a mission to inspire others on a ‘restricted’ diet and prove that gluten free food isn’t boring or tasteless!

I have been working on my blog for just over a year now and have been lucky enough to come runner up in last years HBC awards, and also be a finalist in the upcoming Bake Off (which I’m so excited about!) I’m steadily progressing more and more with my blog; learning new skills, working with great brands and have finally moved away from the ‘newbie’ status.

I hope I inspire others on a gluten free diet and show that it can be exciting and delicious, as well as healthy.

This is something I’m incredibly passionate about, and having an award that recognises my hard work would be truly amazing.

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Becky from Gluten Free Cuppa Tea

Becky’s aim is to reunite people with the foods they used to love by creating recipes that people with food intolerances can actually eat. She has multiple food intolerances through her IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and blogs honestly about the stigma of living with the condition, as well as her road to ‘recovery’.

Free from recipe creation is my passion and I can honestly say that I’ve reached the point where my recipes taste and look just as good (or better!) as anything else.

I’ve made it my mission to subvert the idea that free from food isn’t as good as regular food.

Most importantly, my free from recipes have helped me to take control of my IBS and reclaim back my independence and love of food. Nothing makes me happier than seeing that my recipes help others in the same way too – that’s my favourite part.

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Illness Recovery Bloggers

Barbara from Back Pain Blog

Barbara started Back Pain Blog as a way of documenting her personal journey as a chronic back pain sufferer. It’s full of the latest treatments, product reviews, therapies, medications, tips and websites on back pain, fibromyalgia and arthritic conditions.

I fight with pain on a daily basis and find blogging takes me to another place, away from my pain.

I would love to encourage other chronic pain sufferers to try this as I am convinced it should be listed as an alternative treatment for chronic pain.

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Sarah Leanne from The Growing Butterfly

Health and wellbeing blogger Sarah aims to encourage others to look after their body, mind and soul, raising awareness for mental health, speaking about taboo subjects that matter to everyone and hoping to inspire others to embrace their authentic selves.

My aim with my blog is to represent the reality beyond the online community; that not everything is always picture perfect, idealistic, or exciting to share. Embracing authenticity in body, mind, and soul is one of the fundamental elements to finding true happiness in life and I am always working to express this message.

I want to speak on behalf of those voices that aren’t being heard or who are afraid to speak about their feelings.

The Growing Butterfly was born out of personal adversity and is here to help others in finding self-love and acceptance. I may be one voice, but it can make one heck of a difference.

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Taylor from Being Tay

Taylor’s blog is all about tackling mental illness head on by speaking up about the reality of living with mental illness, in the hope to inspire others who may be struggling.

It is so important to speak up about mental health conditions.

I feel that my blog is extremely open and I’m proud to have inspired many individuals. It is so important to raise awareness and I always put my heart and soul into my posts.

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