Lucas, co-founder of INTO, will be joining us for our HBCxTalk: Influencer Marketing with Pip & Nut and INTO App – get your tickets here.

As we like to pride ourselves to be the top resource for news and exciting developments when it comes to influencer marketing and the online landscape, we are always incredibly excited to discover incredible platforms that are changing this young and dynamic industry –  half of the job is keeping up with the new trends!

When it comes to incredible platforms, Into is an app that gets influencers and models access to incredible free experiences: from complimentary meals, drinks and club-entry to blow-dries and personal-training sessions.

It was a pleasure to catch up with co-founder Lucas, who’ll be joining us for our HBCxTALK on January 11th, on the core idea behind the app: “At INTO we believe in truly organic social media content, so everything we promote is unforced and unpaid, just unique experiences that make people WANT to post without Andy push needed.”

The app’s mission is summarised as “making cities a better place for agencies, agency-signed talent and exceptional venues.”

This is a bold statement, however, it proves to be aiming at bringing transparency and clarity in the industry: Personal experiences drive real content that an influencers followers will believe and engage with.” adds Lucas “there is nothing worse than watching influencers sell out to sponsored post opportunities that drive their audience away from them.

The app itself is a user-friendly list of offers around you, which you can choose to ‘redeem now’. Different influencers will be able to “unlock” different opportunities.

Whether they ‘check in’, tag the venue’s online handles or use their business hashtag, they are providing organic promotion and noise to the business, creating social media traction and driving in-store sales,” IntoApp co-founder Maximilian Arasan told The Independent last March.

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Yes, engagement is now more important than ever. As you can read below from our interview with Lucas, we are talking about a revolution of sorts.

The FTC and ASA have been very vigilant on the paid promotion regulations at the end of 2017 and everything we are hearing is that they are going to be even tougher in 2018.

Let’s get to the nitty gritty: why is IntoApp different?

Coming from the talent management space we saw so many local venues wanting to gift free experiences to our talent. As an agent, you aren’t incentivised to pass on these free offers as there is no commission in this work, but as an agency you want your talent to be as active as possible on their socials. INTO filled the gap by allowing all of the agency signed talent to easily find out about the free experiences available to them around town.

How do you ensure the quality of the content is always at its best from your influencers?

By selecting the best influencers to have access to INTO we trust that the content they create will be on brand. The last thing they want to do is damage their engagement with their audience.

How important is the selection process when it comes to influencers?

Building a community of the worlds most influential talent has always been the goal of INTO, so selection is of the utmost importance. There are only 2 ways you get access to INTO. Firstly if you are signed with an agency which INTO collaborates with you will be given access… think IMG, Elite etc.

The only other way is to make an application which our team personally review and approve on a case by case basis. In this instance, it is based on the kind of content you create and the engagement you get on that content.

Who do you think has the most relevance for your clients: Micro or macro influencers?

Definitely micro as they are able to generate localised responses for businesses and brands. Of course, your Kardashian level influencers are still great at driving online sales for e-comm brands, but how much influence will they really drive for great local venues and brands?

How do you think 2018 will shape the influencer marketplace?

The FTC and ASA have been very vigilant on the paid promotion regulations at the end of 2017 and everything we are hearing is that they are going to be even tougher in 2018.

We have heard stories of the influencer, their agency, the PR agency and the brand all being fined of being in breach of the paid promotion regulations. The beauty of INTO is that we do not fall under these regulations so any brand that uses us to promote will not have to worry about the regulatory landscape.

Meet Lucas, founder of INTO, at our HBCxTalk: Influencer Marketing with Pip & Nut and INTO App.