We are health bloggers, and therefore we love to post about food, fitness, wellbeing and health. Bloggers can be found liking and spreading heart-eyed emojis on Instagram above everything else.

They are also incredibly creative with their food inventions — which leaves the HBC team wondering: what new food inventions and Instagrammable finds are people posting mid-2017?

Galaxy Food

Image credit: @naturally.jo

These ice creams are made with coconut milk, coconut nectar, butterfly pea tea & blueberry juice.

Galaxy food started in 2016, and there is no sign of it slowing down: ice creams, chia puddings, and smoothie bowls (or virtually anything).  Food that mimics a gorgeous, starry-night sky — and sparkles for real!

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Mermaid Toast

Image Credit: @vibrantandpure

Legend has it that this craze started when Miami-based food stylist Adeline Waugh (who you can find feature below) invented a multi-coloured snack by swirling blue spirulina powder and green chlorophyll drops into cream cheese. The rest, my dear friends, is history.

She said in an interview with Vogue: “Ever since I realised that adding beet juice to food would turn it into the most magnificent shade of hot pink, I was hooked. My goal is to take healthy food and make it fun and exciting, brightening it up with a few (or many) pops of colour.”

Move over, butter and marmite (find a ‘how to’ here)

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Black Ice Cream

Image Credit: @hungryhungryheejin

AHEM. Is there anything like almond-charcoal flavoured ice-cream to channel your inner goth? Little Damage is literally every LA-based foodie’s favourite spot at the moment. The shop, located in Downtown L.A., specialises in artisanal soft serve in many cheeky and punk rock flavours. Mango sticky rice, beet, and unicorn tears-flavoured ice cream can be topped off with items like fruity pebbles and caramel popcorn.

What exactly do unicorn tears taste like? We are all dying to know.

Charcoal Bread, Bagels (and anything starchy)

Image Credit @littleghostbagels

Charcoal is the new black when it comes to hot new ingredients that boast supposedly life-changing health benefits – and it’s popping up in fashionable food and drink creations across the UK. Despite having been used for centuries as a home remedy, the black stuff is now enjoying a resurgence in edibles (we know already about charcoal juices and water!).

It’s time for charcoal to be the protagonist of our brunch endeavours. Londoners have been loving adding Daisy Green’s charcoal bread to their flatlays.

Fairy Candy Floss

Image Credit: @fluffegram

Why have ice cream when you can have fairy candy floss? It’s sweet, it’s fluffy and it’s indulgent. What’s more, the Milk Train Café in Covent Garden, London will smother fluffy clouds of candy-floss around your ice-cream cone, for an extra quid.

With queues right out the door, this highly Instagrammable food is everybody’s favourite.