Also known as self-myofascial release, foam rolling was once a technique used mostly by coaches, fitness therapists, and professional athletes.

However, these days everyone is hopping on the foam rolling bandwagon, including classes and workshops popping up all over the country. If you think foam rolling and stretching is only for athletes, you are wrong.

We talked before about the danger of sitting down all day, however, any sustained posture – any posture held for 30 minutes or more, can be detrimental in the long run.

Take some time to stretch at home or at the gym, and indulge in a longer stretching session on a Sunday (or whenever your day off may be).

Nazia Behrens is the founder and visionary behind GatorTail, steering the design team supported by personal trainers, sports masseurs, and athletes who all made significant contributions during the period of relentless development. 

The GatorTail story started with a challenging brief to design the highest quality foam roller possible, one that would offer the most extreme performance and durability.

The final product emerged perfectly formed and massively capable exceeding the design team’s most ambitious expectations. It has already proven to the foam roller of choice for gym lovers, pro athletes, sports-people and dancers.

As a company, we strive to change the way people exercise and how they think about exercising.

Essentially foam rolling has been the best-kept secret in the pro-sports world and we believe that everybody should be able to enjoy the daily benefits it brings.

The GatorTail foam roller launched in 2016 as the highest quality foam roller available and one that offers the most extreme performance and durability, backed by a series of online videos and a 12-month guarantee. We have added exercise bands to our range and will be releasing the first of our exercise balls in 2018.

Having a tool like a foam roller is essential for athletes and gym goers as deep massage capability is infinitely better at warming up your muscles, prior to exercise than stretching alone and it is also beneficial in preventing injury by cleverly removing toxins.This leaves you feeling totally revitalised.

Warming up using the Gatortail enables everyone to train harder and faster making it the perfect way to get more out of your workouts and the time you have available for exercising.

While there’s no hard and fast rule as to how long you should perform each of the foam roller exercises above, 20-30 seconds is a really good place to start.

When working areas that are extra sore or that have major knots, you can certainly go for longer. To make your foam rolling experience as comfortable as possible, perform your movements on a good yoga mat.

Lower Back Roll

Sit on the floor with your foam roller positioned firmly underneath your lower back. Your arms should be crossed in front of you and your shoulders should be protracted. Gently raise your pelvis off of the floor while leaning back against the roller. Roll back and forth, taking care to keep your weight off of your spine. Instead, focus on placing your weight on the muscles to either side of your spine. Repeat the process on the other side.

Gluteal Roll

Place your foam roller on the floor and sit on it. Gently bend your knees and cross one of your legs so that your ankle is positioned firmly on top of your knee. Carefully shift your weight to your crossed leg and move your gluteal muscle over the roller. Switch and repeat on the other side.

Lateral Roll

Lie down on the floor with your roller positioned underneath your back, but off to one side. It should be just underneath your armpit. Decide which side you’d like to work on, first, and keep that arm stretched to the side as you roll your weight over the foam. (Be sure to keep your upper body off of the ground to the greatest extent possible.) When you’re ready, switch sides and repeat.

Upper Back Roll

Lie down on the floor with your roller underneath your upper back, and your arms crossed in front of you. While placing your weight on the roller, gently raise your pelvis off of the floor. Carefully shift your weight to the left while rolling your mid to upper back. Then switch to the right side and repeat.

Calf Roll

To perform the calf roll, you’ll need to be seated. Position your foam roller beneath your lower leg while your other leg is placed on the floor, the better to safely support your weight. Position your hands at your sides and use them to gently raise your pelvis from the floor. Your weight should be placed on the calf with the roller underneath as you do this. Gently and carefully roll from just beneath the knee all the way down to the top of your ankle. Switch legs and repeat.

IT Band Roll

Position yourself comfortably on your side. Place your foam roller underneath your bottom leg between the knee and hip. Cross your top leg comfortably in front of you. As you do this, gently begin to place your weight on your bottom leg. Do this to the greatest extent you can while remaining comfortable. Roll the length of your leg from knee to hip and back. Switch legs and repeat.