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Vicky from The Flourishing Pantry – About me

Hello! My name is Vicky and in 2016 I started on a life change.

Fed up with years of nasty bloating I took a blood test in January 2016. The results showed a yeast intolerance, and I have since been on an incredible journey learning all about yeast, refined sugar and fermented foods.

Whilst the process might have become all about what I couldn’t eat, I’ve found the true discovery has been what I can eat. Through social media and online communities I have come across a healthy, supportive network of food bloggers and sharers who have inspired me to create some really amazing food.

My mission

When I discovered my yeast intolerance I did a lot of searching online for what foods contained yeast; what I needed to avoid and what I could eat in abundance.

I couldn’t actually find that many sources with clear lists, and quite a few were conflicting. So I pulled together my own to live by.

So I’d say my ‘mission’ on The Flourishing Pantry is to help people in a similar position; people who have discovered a yeast intolerance, sensitivity or allergy, and don’t know where to start and what to cut out. Hopefully too, in time, I’d love my blog to be a place where people can share recipes and ideas on their journeys too.

The other thing is a yeast-free diet is naturally very healthy anyway. So it’s not restricted to those on a particular diet: the ingredients are all about fresh veg and fruit, untreated fish and meat, eggs, nuts and whole grains. All the good stuff!

How I got into Blogging/Instagramming

Part of starting 2016 and a yeast-free diet was chronicling what I was eating. It started as a genuine record of the good meals I was eating, and you can scroll back through my Instagram feed and see the very basic photos I was taking!

But gradually I started upping my game, completely inspired by the amazing people on social media who were sharing their recipes and beautiful photos. I don’t think I’ve quite found my photography style yet; I am still playing with settings, backgrounds, props and lighting. I also really love making sure my Instagram and blog have the full range of mains, snacks, desserts and drinks. Yes sweet things and smoothies get lots of likes, but that’s not all I eat!

The blog seemed like a natural progression from Instagram. I wanted to record the recipes I was making, not just photos. And because of the lack of yeast-free websites and resources, I spotted what I thought was a niche.

The post you’ll love…

Oh wow it’s hard to pick one…! There’s a lot of good things to come on The Flourishing Pantry but I think I would encourage people to try my Chocolate Vanilla Cheesecakes. This was my first ever recipe and I made it for a dinner party of 10 friends and they went down really well! See what you think and let me know!