New Year, New You?

This year our influencers discussed the implication of the old marketing message that has been creeping up online. This is the time when the health and wellness industry is trying to catch the consumer’s attention in any way they can – sometimes with disastrous effects – remember the 2015 Protein World campaign?

This year’s campaign is all about ‘Every Body‘, which proves the brand has taken into account the refreshing way to embrace fitness as something for everyone.

Today we are looking at a few very clever, inspiring and funny campaigns that shaped the beginning of 2018

Soul Cycle – Screw Resolutions

Fun, impactful and honest, Soul Cycle’s #screwresolutions campaign has been popping up on some of our favourite’s influencer accounts.

“Because we’re a little bit in love with who you already are. Instead of limiting yourself and cutting out indulgences, let’s reach for more. More of what makes you happy. Ask for what you want. Take up space. Eat the damn cookie. The time is yours. What are you reaching for?”

It’s all about being more YOU

MTV FIT – Channel Launch

January 2018 has also seen the launch of MTV Fit’s channel and Instagram account. A brand new approach to fitness, wellness and nutrition (with a whole load of sass) their bio states the following: “workouts, nutrition and wellness with a few celebs thrown in” – oh, and spin interviews. Yes, we are talking about THAT kind of fun.

Check them out at @mtvfit

Reclaim your Day off – HBC Campaign

With portfolio careers, online careers, influencer commitments and social media engagement is hard for us to take a full day off a week.

Online creators and influencers work hard, really hard. On average, we work over 60 hours per week, counting Insta-scrolling, Twitter updates, multiple projects and commitments. In order to do more, we silently agreed on sacrificing our days off in favour of more opportunities, better deals and more financial gain.

Has the time come to redefine the hustle?

What if self-care, rest and sleep were actually the secret formulae to success?

We are bringing you an incredible series of events and fantastic content to celebrate your day off this January (and later on the whole 2018).

Whether it’s a Sunday or a Wednesday, make your day off a priority. Let the world know you’re off to enjoy a cup of tea and some cookies (you are an influencer after all) and get off your phone.


Let’s talk tongue in cheek ads. Stepping away from ladies and gentlemen posing in activewear with a shaker in their hands, Bulk Powders ad is all about an intimidated used-car salesman. Another realistic take on resolutions, with a very funny approach

Sainsbury’s Response to Asos’ Puma Top

Let’s talk about hilarious stunts. Sainsbury’s nailed this one. Last December lots of people noticed that this Puma jacket being sold on Asos looked pretty identical to the staff uniform at Sainsbury’s – on January the 4th, Sainsbury’s took the social debate further and turned it into good, old banter. More of this please.