Molly, aka @progresspure started her personal fitness journey after being inspired by transformation pictures of girls across Instagram. In less than a year, she managed to connect  with 100k people on Instagram and create her own revolutionary fitness guide.

After undergoing her own physical and psychological transformation and discovering what really worked to achieve results, Molly published her own 12 week strength training ‘Curve Guide’. Focusing on compound exercises, interval training and macros, the Curve Guide helps you to build lean muscle, lose fat and create a feminine curve by shaping your glutes, thighs, waist and shoulders. Molly encourages girls to see fitness in a positive and empowering light as they step up to the rack. Check out the revolutionary guides at Progress Pure.

A lack of determination led to creating my Curve Guide

I had tried all my teenage life to live a healthy and fit lifestyle but kept giving up. I was so fed up with my lack of determination and really expected more from myself, but had no clue where to find motivation… even a new pair of Nikes weren’t doing the trick.

After following Kayla Itsines I came across hundreds of transformation pictures from girls my age and decided that was that, I was going to create a fitness account (@progrespure), join the health movement and hold myself accountable. Since then, not only have I created my own guides, but I’ve built personal relationships and life long friendships along the way.

The ethos behind the guide

Last summer I began seeing more and more posts on Instagram about the benefits of weightlifting. I have always been a big foodie, so hearing that with weightlifting you actually have to eat more to let your muscles grow and get stronger, I was immediately hooked!

I started looking for a clear and simple guide aimed at women, but couldn’t find one that worked for me, so had to experiment in the weights room without much guidance or confidence. I created the Curve Guide because I wanted to make sure that every girl who wants
to get into weights has a straightforward and effective way of doing so.

I want to encourage women to see fitness in a positive and life-changing way. I used to see  fitness in a really negative light; I would always try and deprive myself of meals whilst burning
an exhausting amount of calories on the treadmill. Now that all my workouts are strength based
I’ve come to love the gym, watching my body become stronger and sculpted: I have my Curve Guide to thank for that.

I aim to encourage women to step up to the rack, heads held high, and lift.

In order to design my guide, I worked with a nutritionist and personal trainer at Spinn-off London (one of the best spin studios in London!) for a long time, investigating the optimum way one could reach their fitness goals aided by nutrition.

In the Curve Guide there are 3 different macro calculators to choose from depending on your goal. For example, if you’re aiming to lose body fat whilst holding onto muscle mass, then you can calculate your specific macronutrients needed to achieve this.

If the product is gold, it will be successful

The most important thing about creating your own fitness programme is ensuring that the core of the programme itself is high quality. Simply, if the product is gold then it will be successful. You have to guarantee your fitness programme is effective, beneficial and worthwhile. If the product is strong then your own self belief and confidence will shine through and you’ll go far.

The Curve Guide is unique as it revolves around compound moves, ensuring that anyone who follows it through will achieve a good base and strong core, rather than focussing on accessorised exercises. It uses a combination of key exercises designed to build strength
and tone up whilst increasing your metabolism with interval training. It’s also one of the most aesthetically pleasing guides to follow! One of the key problems I faced when I first wanted
to get into weightlifting last year, was that there was no user-friendly product.

All the strength training guides I found were laid out in black and white, intimidating-looking  grids, so the format of the Curve Guide is unique in its approachability and aesthetics.IMG_7547

Engage with your audience

I have always had a very interactive relationship with my followers. I launched the account to learn more about fitness, get motivated and to hopefully find some healthy lifestyle hacks to keep me dedicated. So reading comments and responding has always been a priority.

Self test

I’ve been following the Curve Guide since September, so after 12 weeks I knew it worked. But I also wanted to make sure it wasn’t just my body that it had such an incredible effective on, so I asked 3 other girls who have popular accounts to trial them for me, taking progress photos and
letting me know how they got on. I also held a competition on my account and chose one girl at random to verify the legitimate and awesome results.

Take on board clients’ feedback

When marketing your own product, it is so important to know your audience. Ask yourself, who is your guide designed for? Luckily this was simple for me because I was aiming to design something which I personally would follow and use on a daily basis. Another key component is taking on board feedback. Trial your guide, find out the key positives that were experienced
by everyone who has trialled your guide and highlight those. It’s crucial, not only for the success of a guide but for the validity of the guide itself to take on board clients’ feedback.

You want to be confident that people are not only watching themselves physically grow but that they’re also feeling the psychological positives which your guide should be bringing. Clients’ feedback is essential for the success of a guide.

Finally, have confidence in yourself and your product. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? If you know your product works then stand by it and be proud of its qualities.

There will be obstacles along the way.

There have been many obstacles along the way, but the main one has to be sticking to deadlines! I set a launch date of January 6th and I was definitely going to stick to it. However I hadn’t quite realised just how long certain aspects of the Guide would take. The night before I launched the guide, I stayed up until about 6am just making sure there weren’t any mistakes!

I aim to keep changing perspectives on fitness which can mistakably be seen as a hassle when, in fact, maintaining a healthy body and mind is a complete luxury which we all have the opportunity to bestow on ourselves.