Often in our busy lives exercise is one of the things which gets naturally put on the back burner.

If you feel like you are lacking energy to cope with your hectic schedule, just 30 minutes of exercise at the beginning of the day can leave you feeling energised for the rest of the day.

If the thought of exercise fills you with dread, it is possible to change your mind-set. It can help to remember that exercise is something which you will not regret doing.

If you are embarking on an exercise regime with the sole goal of losing weight, then you are unlikely to fall in love with exercising.

When you think of your favourite thing to do in your spare time, whether that’s music, socialising, art or family days out, I bet you cannot wait until the next time you do it. You don’t do a hobby because of guilt or because the scales say you have to, you do it for the happiness it gives you.

If you have never enjoyed exercise, it may seem like a distant dream to fall in love with it. But trust me, it is possible to fall in love with exercise. Think back to your childhood, when running around outside was one of your favourite things to do. Most people forget the great feeling regular activity gave them. This is because as a child you didn’t think of exercise as a chore, it was all about having fun.

The first step is to find a form of exercise you don’t completely hate.

You don’t need to be out running miles at 5am every morning or playing hockey in the rain. Start by increasing your exercise gradually. Why not take a long walk somewhere new, go out exploring, take up some dance lessons with your partner or go with friends to some group classes in a local gym. If it is exercising in public which makes you worried, there are so many fitness videos available online through websites such as YouTube.

Change your mindset towards exercise.

It is not healthy to see exercise as a tool simply for burning calories and losing excess weight; it will soon become a chore which you are keen to avoid wherever possible. Make a list of the most important benefits to you in taking up exercise, remind yourself of these before, during and after workouts, and before you have time to give up you will be loving exercise. Your health is worth it. You will soon begin to see the benefits throughout the rest of the day – boosts to your energy, feeling stronger and more confident.

Take small steps to achieve your goals.

Try not to set yourself a huge fitness goal when starting out, such as running a marathon. Instead, choose smaller, more realistic goals. These smaller steps will help you break down what you may see as a daunting task and help you to achieve your dreams. You will gradually build up your endurance and stamina rather than burning yourself out in the first week of exercise.

Find a way to track your progress.

Try to keep a log of your workouts, whether on paper, online of through a device such as a Fitbit. It will amaze you how motivating it can be when you are tracking things and you begin to see yourself smashing your goals.

Try to remember that a little activity is better than no activity. If you only have five minutes spare, it doesn’t matter, you can definitely still benefit from this. So please, go and make your exercise time fun. You will soon fall back in love and start to reap the benefits.