Self-love is something we know we should practise daily to benefit the mind, body and soul, yet all too often it is the first thing we compromise in times of stress and overwhelm.

We asked 12 of the most inspiring women in wellness to share with us their daily self-love rituals. Whether it’s setting aside 20 minutes a day to meditate, an hour to exercise or simply taking the time to make a cup of tea with no distractions, these ladies share with us their non-negotiable daily rituals for practising self-love.

Angelica Malin, Editor-in-Chief About Time magazine

“I have an hour a day of non-negotiable time with myself; that can change daily, whether it’s a walk to work through Primrose Hill, an hour of sweaty yoga at Fierce Grace or relaxed, deep breathing at Triyoga’s Inner Axis class. I don’t force myself into a rigid gym or workout routine, I just go with how my body and mind is feeling. I make sure I take an hour a day to do something truly for me, it’s part of my Life Retox plan in 2017, to put more into my life, rather than take things out. Sometimes that can be as simple as going for a coffee on my own, and being with my mind. The more time I carve out to listen to my own thoughts, hear my own breath, understand and unpick my emotions, the more balanced and happy I feel. Honouring a relationship with yourself is just as important as with loved ones, and we need to be a little selfish, from time to time, to be the best version of ourselves.”

Rebecca Campbell, author of Rise Sister Rise

“My favourite self ritual I do everyday is Light Sourcing- preferably in nature. It’s a form of meditation where I stop, breathe and receive light from the heavens above and support from the Earth below. I’ve done it everyday for the past 9 years, it makes me a much nicer, happier person.”

Chelsea Parsons, founder of Well+Happy

“Self-love is all about what brings you happiness and helps to create that inner smile. For me, I love cooking a nutritious dinner – cooking itself is something I find super meditative so the experience of creating a dish I enjoy to cook, yet also know is abundant in ‘good for me’ ingredients, makes me feel so good. Then it’s the moment you get to sit down and enjoy your delicious, love-filled creation. Eating something mindfully, slowly and whilst in a positive state is the perfect form of self-love for my mind, body + soul.”

Stefanie Jung, Holistic Health Coach & Blogger at Wholesome Stef 

“Self love comes in all shapes and forms for me. My key stone habit is getting a solid 8 hours of sleep – if I do that, I can wake up early and go through my morning routine with ease and grace. I like to mix things up, but my favourites are meditating, journaling, dry body brushing and exercising. I’m also a big fan of a gratitude practice – the moment I wake up I ask myself « What are 3 things I’m currently grateful for ? », which pretty much guarantees that I start the day with a big fat smile on my face.”

Beth Kempton, author of Freedom Seeker

“For me everything begins with space (and everything collapses when I don’t have any). My ritual involves creating space in my day, and quiet in my head. The detail of this looks different depending on the day – it might be a walk in the park, or a few minutes writing in my journal, a yoga class or a candlelit moment of calm. I also kiss my two little girls every single day. This reminds me of what really matters, and helps me worry less about what doesn’t matter. It lifts my spirits and buoys my heart.”

Katie Booth, Co-founder of Fitssi

“Between work, meetings, events, a social life and hitting the gym, it can be hard to find some real ‘me-time’ to reflect, calm your mind and let yourself re-charge. I have a terrible habit of being glued to emails or social media in the evenings, but I always make time for myself right before bed even if it’s just 10 minutes! That means putting the phone away, curling up with a cup of tea (liquorice and peppermint is a personal favourite), reading a chapter of my book, listening to a podcast, or even just reflecting in some peace and quiet.”

Melissa Weldon, PT and founder of Fempower UK

“I do not really have a self-love ritual which I practice daily, at least not on a conscious level but I try to apply these rules to my life which cultivate a stronger sense of self worth and power. I do my best to live a life which is positive and promotes positivity around me, I work really hard, I train 3-4 times a week which makes me feel alive and well and I do not follow anyone on social media who doesn’t inspire me, make me feel good or make me smile.”

Niyc Pidgeon, Positive Psychologist and author of Now Is Your Chance

“I start each day by giving to myself first – my first thought is a grateful one, and I always write a stream of gratitude into my journal. I meditate, speak my goals and vision out loud, then workout, and nourish my body with a vegan protein shake and a green juice. Running a business that helps women create more joy, personal power, and unstoppable success, I need to make sure I fill myself up first in order to be able to serve from the most powerful place possible to support each woman for her highest good. Loving yourself first allows you to give so much more.”

Fab Giovanetti, founder of the Health Bloggers Community

“Jeez, I used to be very good, but recently I have to say I have been slacking a bit. Probably my self-love ritual is taking 5 minutes to fill in my 5 Minute Journal to remind me that, no matter how funky I may feel that day, things will always be okay in the end. It’s a great tool and it takes 2-3 minutes to remind me of what I am grateful for and spread positive vibes for the day. Sometimes I am so sleepy I am literally thankful for my pillow, but everything counts!”

Annie Clarke, Mind Body Bowl

“Yoga is my favourite practice of self-love. Even if I don’t take a physical practice on the mat every day, I try to do something that is just for me to honour myself and that relationship. It’s so interesting how quickly my thought patterns change when I skip it too many days in a row. So I either move my body in a physical way, write down my thoughts, practise gratitude or just count a few conscious breaths. It’s all about what works for me in that moment and I try not to become too attached to specific rituals. Instead, I  like to see self-love in the form of acceptance, which includes being adaptable in the way that I practise it!”

Claudia Beyer, Holistic PT, Health & Lifestyle Coach at Bare Vitality

“My absolute favourite act of self-love is ending each day laying with my legs up a wall, and indulging in something mindless for 20 minutes – the current culprit has been Gilmore Girls!  I find after a day of nonstop, on my feet, continuous stimulation, nothing winds me down more. Of course accompanied by cosy PJ’s, a warm cup of tea + a little raw chocolate. Laying with your legs up a wall, above your heart helps reduce lower body inflammation, sore muscles, slow down the nervous system and calm the mind. The only problem…. this beautiful self-love practice makes me want to stay in every night…”

Lisa Lister, author of Love Your Lady Landscape

“Each morning before I get out of bed, I check in with my body. I enjoy being IN my body.  I rub my flesh, I rub my belly and I put a hand on my womb and I say, ‘I love you – what’s up today?’  Checking out what’s going on in your womb create a hands-on-your-flesh relationship with her. It’s essential and fundamental. This is meant to be felt not intellectualised and so, if in doubt, place a hand on your womb space, breathe deeply through your nose and check in with your body. Your body is your home, so keep coming back to her.”