Happy November! Wow, October FLEW by and what a month it was! I cannot believe how fast this year has gone as a whole and we have a few months to really send the year out with a bang. The last of the Supermoons has shone for us this year and I have this feeling and some knowledge from the divine that it is a lot more of a smoother ride for us for the rest of the year. Good news! Anyway, let’s dive in and see what November has in store for us all.

Shadows: Let’s start with what we need to debunk, what might weigh us down over the next 30 days. This month it’s our ability to remain balanced and patient that we need to pay attention to.

You might feel the pressure this month, like the Universe is pushing you to be more daring, plunge off of cliff after cliff and the key to dealing with this shadow is to really tune in and see if it’s what you really want to do. Yes, there will be opportunity galore, but it is up to you to decide if each opportunity is right for you or not.

It’s easy to see, or be offered, something shiny and for us to leap at the chance despite the terror clawing at us. This message is coming through loud and clear: be discerning.

If you feel afraid then listen to that fear, it has something very transformational to teach you. Pushing through with impatience will not allow you to integrate that fear and you will likely feel regret at a later stage. Make sure you are clear on exactly what each opportunity means for you and if you are truly ready for it.

This is not to say that you should turn down something if it feels scary, but you must be able to determine whether the fear is expansive or whether it is your intuition kicking in and guiding you towards options that you cannot perceive quite yet.

To do this take some time to really see through the story that your ego is creating around the situation. Get quiet, allow yourself space to see it from all angles, welcome the fear in and talk to that aspect of yourself and see what it has to offer you. Take what resonates and disregard any lies that it is telling you about yourself. You know your truth, you can distinguish between ego and intuition, of that I am sure.

Remember this month that shoulds are not a good enough reason to move forward with something, if that reasoning comes to mind regarding an opportunity then drop it immediately and create the energetic space to welcome in other exciting projects from the Universe.

Light: This month’s light energy is so polarised from last month, we had a very feminine energy to work with in October. It was mostly about expression and creation from a soulful place rather than as a means to an end. This month you’ll start to reap the rewards of taking that step back to connect with your creativity and the excitement of engaging with this carefree attitude.

We now have a much stronger inclination to now take what may look a bit chaotic and turn it into something more solid and structured.

After having poured out your brain, heart and soul into these creative projects you are probably looking at a messy collection of your true expression. This is okay, being messy is a part of being human. I don’t want you to feel an ounce of disappointment at the outcome of this creative expression, because we are about to take the magic of you and mould it into something incredible!

Take time to look at patterns in this outpouring of art that you did last month, where can you find links (even if they are delicate or abstract), how does it look from another angle or perception?

Once you start to notice that this ‘chaos’ is actually a beautiful interpretation of your soul and it’s purpose on Earth, you’ll soon start to get excited about what this means for you and your business.

From this bird’s eye view you have the most amazing of opportunities to start presenting your true self through your work and structure it so you feel secure. This is the foundation for the most inspired work that you can and will produce; all in time for the New Year in a few short months!

And when you are producing work from an inspired place, that is when the clients pour in, aligned opportunities are served up for you and the Universe can really work it’s magic to give you all that you want.

Quick fix: Your quick fix this month is just beautiful. The Universe has asked me to remind you that intention is more powerful than the action taken. It wants you to remember every single moment, whether in your business or in your personal life where you have done something out of love and cherish that moment.

Whenever you are feeling a wobble this month about releasing something out into the world or taking an action, ask yourself: are you doing it with the intention of being loving? (To both yourself and others.)

And then to remember that each moment where you imbue the intention of love into your life remains eternal, that energy, once sent out into the world, never fades. That is the power you hold.

Fifi is a Spiritual Mentor and Creative Writer who works predominantly with business owners, bringing awareness to the Divine Feminine and intuition as a tool to create material and spiritual success. Join her over on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with the month’s energies, or visit fifiscarlett.com for inspiration and motivation.