Coschedule, the social media management software, just released a brand new tool, called Email Subject Line Tester.

Emails are one of the most important tools at the HBC, as they really help us connect with our audience. Overall emails are 40x more effective than social media for customer acquisition, as they average a 3800% return on investment.

Most times, emails fail right from the beginning, with their subject line, if people do not open the email, you are effectively wasting your time. Enter the Email Subject Line Tester.

This tool is fueled by real-world data to analyse, score, and suggest optimisation for your email subject lines. Write email subject lines that drive more opens, more clicks, and more conversions by simply typing your subject line. Not only you’ll receive a score for your subject line, but you’ll also get implementation ideas with explanations!

Create scannable, easy to digest subject lines. The right amount of words and characters can make all the difference in your open rates! The results also include extra data and a few preview options for your headline.

If you have a newsletter, you really need to bookmark this amazing tool.