During our research to find the hottest trends and coolest products, we come across up-and-coming brands and products we love that we just have to share with you! Some of the brands below you’ll find at the HBCxMeet Bloggers & Brands Networking Event on 24th June, others are simply products our team have tried, tested and loved. Let’s take a look at what’s trending in the HBC Recommended Edit this week.

Premium Nut Butters, Mindful Bites

Mindful Bites’ nut butters were created with both health and indulgence in mind. They select premium and novelty ingredients to create a powerhouse of health with explosive taste. Their slow grinding process at a low temperature gives the nut butters an incredibly velvety texture, which releases the full flavours slowly (and we can vouch, the texture is ludicrously creamy!). Nut butters are blended with superfoods such as lucuma and yacon to create 4 amazing flavours: almond & maca, hazelnut & berries, cashew & baobab, and brazil nut & cacao nibs. No palm oil, added sugars or sweeteners, all nut butters are gluten & dairy-free and rich in fibre.

Perfect for: on-the-go mess-free snacking, thanks to a little straw in the tip of the nut butter sachets.
Pick it up at: Available at Whole Foods Market & Selfridges nationwide, and online on their website, plus other marketplaces including NotOnTheHighStreet.com , Yumbles.com & Tabl.com

Banjo The Carob Bear, The Carob Kitchen

Banjo the Carob Bear is made lovingly in South Australia and nurtured with nothing but sunshine and sea breezes — so there are no nasty additives for you to worry about. Planted 20 years ago, this humble plot of carob trees has grown to produce our wonderful range of carob products that are loved all across the globe.  No longer the daggy chocolate substitute that it was once known as, more and more people are discovering versatility, health benefits and delicious creamy flavour of our Carob.  Banjo isn’t just a cute face; he is packed full of carob goodness which is high in insoluble fibre, gluten free, no added sugars, high in protein, packed with vitamins A, B, B2 and D and also high in potassium and magnesium.
Perfect for: Getting your chocolate fix.
Pick it up at: Available to buy online in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.


For women all over the world, there is now an athletic breast support band designed to protect the breast tissue from damage caused by vertical and lateral movement during physical activity. Worn across the top of your breasts — either underneath or on top of your sports bra — the band provides the ultimate support and comfort whilst exercising. Gone are the days of painful boobs whilst running!

Perfect for: Taking the fear out of burpees, running and jump squats.
Pick it up at: Available online worldwide from Booband.

Maple & Cinnamon Roll Protein Balls, Boostball

This mighty maple & cinnamon protein-packed snack is the champion of vegan chocolate. With a dribble of maple syrup, creamy cashew butter and rich rice protein, these snacks will satisfy your sweet cravings and leave you feeling energised. We’re a big fan of their simplistic approach to snacking: the ‘less ingredients, more protein’ philosophy is definitely one we can get on board with as health-conscious fitness lovers. What’s more, all balls are made with raw cold pressed ingredients so there is no baking and no refining – happy days!

Perfect for: a delicious and sweet protein punch post-workout
Pick it up at: Available online from Boostball