I am a web designer, online marketing consultant and magic maker who supports female entrepreneurs in building authentic, successful platforms online. I believe that reaching out and building an audience is meant to be fun and I love finding alternatives to fear-based marketing, which I think only creates stress and deadlines.

As a Scorpio with a Libra moon I am all about facing the shadow, showing up for beauty and committing deeply.

I started on tumblr and MySpace 15 years ago when I was only 16 — I have had many many blogs since then and am extremely excited to be part of this movement.

In 2014 I completed an MA in Creative Media which added photography, sound and general media skills to my profile.

Make blogging fun and share from the heart! If it feels like a burden, it won’t flow and feel stiff to your audience. I think meditation, mindset work and a great environment can really help.

I think having a great technical set up in WordPress makes showing up with creativity so much easier — I run DIY WordPress and branding courses at OnlineAwesomenessSchool.com

When do you think people should take the leap from DIY web design onto outsourcing?

I think it really depends on whether or not the DIY process is fun — some people love being in full control of their site and rebrand every now and then without getting much support. If the website is functional, converts well and it feels good, then I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

Other people hate the technical aspects of WordPress and lose valuable time trying to figure things out. If this is the case, then I think even people who are just starting out can really benefit from hiring a professional web designer. In my experience the investment is often earned back pretty quickly, especially if there was some underlying website-shame that was stopping the business owner from really stepping up and building an engaged audience.

Your online home should make you proud, it should authentically reflect who you are and speak to your dream audience on a deep level. To conclude — there is really no one timeline for outsourcing that fits all, I think this is very individual.

What’s your take on branding for beginners, and which tools can they use if they are not proficient in Photoshop?

My most important recommendation is to go with what feels really good.

I think when we are starting out it’s easy to look outside yourself for inspiration and to try modelling someone else’s success. But so often the most beautiful brands are built on something very unique and special — a favourite colour from childhood days, meaningful symbolism or an image taken almost by accident. Rather than getting too technical about fonts and images I would really recommend to first take a step back and think about the experience you are trying to create.

How do you want people to feel when they first land on your website?

I really don’t think that we have to master Photoshop in order to create something beautiful and professional. Canva is my favourite tool to create any kind of graphic from social media headers to email signatures. PicMonkey is also a great tool for image editing.

Before getting started I always advise my clients to create mood boards they really love — Pinterest can be a great starting point for this.

What’s your best tip for someone who is rebranding?

Ask yourself why you aren’t happy with your brand any more — what aspect of your business needs fresh energy? What do you want to communicate? How will you be consistent? What will this transformation stand for?

Getting clear on this before starting the process of rebranding will save you so much time and money!

What is the biggest misconception when it comes to web design and website navigation for users?

Something that comes up a lot for my clients is independence. I have created many sites for women who previously had a developer build a custom theme that was not accessible to them at all.

Whatever solution you choose, I would always recommend that you understand how your website is built, how you can edit it and how it will grow with your business. Web design is not rocket science and everyone should be able to do some basic updates!

Many people think that the navigation might be a good place to be creative and show something really unique, but I actually think there are better places to do this. Having a very clear, simple navigation bar makes it easy for people to focus on what is actually interesting and magical about your brand.

We have to remember how short our attention spans are online: if it’s not immediately clear what you are offering, you might lose a lot of traffic.

Why do you think people get overwhelmed when it comes to hosting and platforms?

I think it can be really tempting to choose a drag and drop builder for your first website, but having a self-hosted WordPress website gives you a lot more flexibility for functionality as well as design and the potential to grow indefinitely.

Choosing the right host can actually be pretty easy and many providers offer one-click WordPress installations.

This way you actually own your site and can customise it to your heart’s desire with a theme that is the right fit for you. I personally really love Divi by Elegant Themes and built all my websites with it.

WordPress also offers thousands of plugins that can add functionality like newsletter sign up bars, branded social sharing icons or Google Analytics.

For people feeling overwhelmed with all the options I would recommend to focus on security (a backup plug in and some kind of spam filter is key!), easy social sharing and opt ins so that building an engaged newsletter list comes easy.

I help my clients get clear on their target audience and content strategy, develop their branding, build a custom WordPress site for them and then help them look into automations and long-term planning.

My most loved post is “Building a successful blog that supports your small business“. I think it’s so well-loved because many of my clients understand that they have to establish themselves as an expert but just don’t know where to start.