What does it take to be a health blogger? Do you have to constantly have a green smoothie in hand, workout five times a week, sprinkle spirulina on everything, and never let a deep-fried chip touch your lips? No, of course not. Even we love a bar of dairy milk chocolate and glass (or three!) of wine. Here to show that being healthy isn’t prescriptive is our team of balanced and beautiful health bloggers, who have kindly agreed to share with us their typical day. {HINT: they’re not balancing bowls of nice cream on their feet whilst doing headstands!}

Lauren Barber shares with us her typical day.

Meet Lauren

I am a Business Mentor, Wellbeing Coach and Yoga Teacher. I write, love cacao and almond butter and spend a lot of time hugging trees!

My typical day

The first thing I do when I wake up is write in my journal three things I am grateful for. After that it is usually time for a walk with my terrier, some time on my yoga mat, a hot water with lemon and then breakfast, which is usually either a berry smoothie or some form of eggs!

My days vary depending on whether I am teaching or not. I always put out my social messages first thing, so that means Instagram, Facebook and posting in my groups to help inspire my community for the day ahead! Some days I have a full schedule of yoga teaching which starts first thing, other days I like to try and have the mornings to do creative things like work on my content and website.

The afternoons are usually dedicated to my business mentoring and wellbeing coaching, and that can be over Skype or sometimes in person. I usually have one or two VIP half or full days a month which are always fun, and then my evenings tend to be taken up with cooking dinner and chilling out (unless I am teaching!) and sometimes some live feeds in my Facebook groups.

Meal times are always a focus for me throughout the day and I like to try and create something colourful and bright to energise me and lift my spirits!

The mantra I live by

“You’ve got this!”

I have it plastered on my notebook!

The one thing I can’t live without…

Oooooh tough one. I think it would probably be my laptop as it literally is my business and creative outlet all in one! If we aren’t including technology it would probably be my Eco Yoga Mat which has been all over the world with me and always ‘has my back’!