What does it take to be a health blogger? Do you have to constantly have a green smoothie in hand, workout five times a week, sprinkle spirulina on everything, and never let a deep-fried chip touch your lips? No, of course not. Even we love a bar of dairy milk chocolate and glass (or three!) of wine. Here to show that being healthy isn’t prescriptive is our team of balanced and beautiful health bloggers, who have kindly agreed to share with us their typical day. {HINT: they’re not bal-
ancing bowls of nice cream on their feet whilst doing headstands!}

Zoe from Wildblend shares with us her typical day

Meet Zoe

I’m a recipe developer and food photographer from Brisbane, Australia. My label, Wildblend, aims to inspire people to live an active, happy and healthy lifestyle, and to eat wild unpackaged natural foods to nourish their bodies and their souls.

My typical day

My mornings are pretty much the same every day. I get up around 5.45 am, have a glass of warm water with ACV and start my day with a Crossfit workout at 6.30. I love exercising first thing in the morning because it sets me up for a great day. After Crossfit, I have a black coffee and a plant-based protein shake. My usual breakfast consists of steamed green veggies like broccoli or spinach with some avocado and poached eggs.

I start work at 8 am from my home office which allows me to move between my desk and photography studio whenever I need to. I love taking all my food photos in the mornings when my office is flooded with beautiful and soft light. My lunches are usually pretty simple – a salad or Buddha bowl with lots of greens and some slow carbs such as lentils or brown rice. I do most of my food prep for the week on Mondays and eat pretty much the same thing all week.

My dinners are mostly protein- and veggie-based and vary depending on what my fiance wants to eat. We love shopping at the farmer’s markets and cook everything from scratch.

The mantra I live by

1. Practice makes perfect – it takes 10 years to become an overnight success!
2. You can’t change what’s happening but you can change how you react to it!

The one thing I can’t live without…