What does it take to be a health blogger? Do you have to constantly have a green smoothie in hand, workout five times a week, sprinkle spirulina on everything, and never let a deep-fried chip touch your lips? No, of course not. Even we love a bar of dairy milk chocolate and glass (or three!) of wine. Here to show that being healthy isn’t prescriptive is our team of balanced and beautiful health bloggers, who have kindly agreed to share with us their typical day. {HINT: they’re not balancing bowls of nice cream on their feet whilst doing headstands!}

Laurie from Liv Light shares with us her typical day

Meet Laurie

I am a mom, holistic health coach, nutritional consultant, and wellness blogger. I love to cook, entertain, travel, explore, and learn new things. When I’m not spending time with my husband and our girls, I like to exercise, read, and create healthy recipes.

My typical day

I love to wake up early and have some “me” time before the rest of my house is awake. I always start my day with a huge mug of Matcha (splash of almond milk) while I catch up on emails, prepare breakfast for my family, and pack school lunches! I generally wait to eat breakfast until after I work out, but if there’s time I make a large fresh green juice to share with my daughters (Elle, 4, and Coco, 1) on the way to school. Following my workout (Pure Barre, Tracy Anderson Streaming, or Yoga), I usually have overnight oats, a smoothie, or avocado toast. After breakfast, I quickly shower and change and head to the office.

Like most health coaches and bloggers, I don’t really have a typical day. I write, cook, test, and shoot recipes, I research trends in each of my website categories (food, style, fitness, wellness, beauty, and family), I meet with clients, and I work on my blog (and that’s just the start!) Between research, client meetings and working on LivLight.com, I don’t have much time to snack, but if I get hungry I always keep a bag of nuts (roasted, unsalted almonds, cashews, walnuts, and pecans) and roasted chickpeas with me. I also try to drink tons of water. My goal is three liters per day, but it doesn’t always happen!

My office is not far from home, so, if there’s time, I try to run home for lunch, which is usually a big bowl of leftovers. I always make tons of food on Sundays and eat it throughout the week. My favorite is a salad topped with warm grains (brown rice or quinoa), roasted veggies, avocado, and homemade dressing. I love my food to be spicy so I top basically everything with crushed red pepper or hot sauce! After lunch, I go back to the office or run errands. I try to always be home by 5:00 to make our daughters dinner. They love to be in the kitchen while I cook and it gives us a chance to chat about the day! I also make it a priority to read books with the girls and put them to bed. It is our special little time together every night and I hate to miss it.

Sometimes my husband and I will eat early with them, which I love. However, if w haven’t seen each other, we will wait to have dinner together and catch up after we put the girls to sleep. I prefer to have a larger breakfast and lunch, and a lighter dinner. My favorite dinners are any homemade soup, spicy chickpea curry, and kale fried rice. My husband and I both love to cook, so we rarely get takeout. I am mostly plant-based, but occasionally do have eggs and fish if I’m craving them. I basically focus on real food and listen to my body as much as possible. I’m not a huge sugar person, but I do love dark chocolate or my favorite LivLight Chocolate Avocado Mousse after dinner!

Once we’ve cleaned up the kitchen, we usually watch something together. Right now we are watching Season 3 of Chef’s Table on Netflix. We have recently started drinking herbal tea before bed and I love it. It is such a good way to wind down and a great substitute for the alcohol we may have had in the past! Don’t get me wrong, I still love a great glass of red wine or my signature cocktail (tequila with a splash of fresh lemon, lime, and orange juice), but I try to save those for the weekend these days. We are literally in bed during the week by 9:30, latest! As much as my husband hates it, I usually scroll my Instagram one more time before heading off to sleep. I always make sure to wake him to say goodnight and I love you, which he can’t stand but I know he really loves!

The mantra I live by

I have several! Here are my favorites…

-It’s life. You don’t figure it out. You just climb up on the beast and ride. -Rebecca Wells

-Success is being proud of what you do every day

-Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. -Michael Pollan

The one thing I can’t live without

My family.