What does it take to be a health blogger? Do you have to constantly have a green smoothie in hand, workout five times a week, sprinkle spirulina on everything, and never let a deep-fried chip touch your lips?

Today we introduce you to our winner of the That Protein & HBC Awards: Best Yoga & Spirituality Blog, Eleanor May C from Green & Aquamarine

I’m Eleanor, a science undergrad, wellness advocate and author of the HBA Yoga and Spirituality Blog of the year.

My mission is to make holistic health and environmental responsibility attainable for everyone.

Between university life and holiday work, my days can look very different! I try to keep certain aspects of my days as regular as possible to give me some form of routine. This is based on a day where I’m at work; on average at the moment I go to the gym or workout at home four times a week and do yoga as much as I possibly can. On days where I’m at home, I’ll be glued to my laptop or working on blog posts so I spread my yoga/workout sessions throughout the day to provide me with breaks.

Usually, I wake up at 6:30am, quite often by my Maltese puppy jumping on me for cuddles!

After a quick glance through Instagram (I know I shouldn’t, but…) I’ll get up, sometimes grabbing a sachet of coconut oil for oil pulling as I get dressed into leggings, and head downstairs.

There, I’ll chop up some lemon and ginger and pop them into my little teapot for a few cups of refreshing hot infusion. After prepping breakfast, I aim to roll out my yoga mat to wake up with a bit of tapping and shaking and some sun salutations. Ideally, I would be on my mat for at least an hour, but more often it is a shorter session before I grab breakfast -usually porridge or a smoothie.

I’ll do some odd blog and housework jobs to let my breakfast settle before packing my bag and cycling to the gym.

I’m following Amanda Bisk’s guides at the moment, so I’ll do a couple of body weight and core circuits, teamed with a bit of weight training. My current aim is to be able to do ten pull ups -at the moment my max is five. My local gym is a small one, but the guys there are fantastic and are always happy to offer advice or set me up a workout if I’m stuck for ideas.

Quick shower, and protein shake or smoothie, then I head across the market square to work, grabbing any ingredients for dinner or recipe development from the greengrocer’s on my way over. I usually start at ten or eleven so this just gives me time to get everything done beforehand. During the holidays I work at a delicatessen. It can make snacking a very tempting option, but luckily there’s also always fresh roasted veg, homemade hummus and avocados to make a healthy lunch from. It can be pretty busy, but I enjoy working on my feet and being able to chat to people, and have the option of bringing home tasty food for dinner.

“One of my favourite things to do on golden evenings is to walk the dog around the fields and have a catch up with my mum.”

Evenings are a time for home cooked meals and winding down. A couple of times a week I go to yoga classes, and sometimes my boyfriend Stuart will come over, or we’ll go out. One of my favourite things to do on golden evenings is to walk the dog around the fields and have a catch up with my mum. It’s a simpler and quieter way to end the day than my jam-packed university evenings, but I really enjoy it. I’m really trying to focus on earlier nights, but at the moment I clock off between half ten and eleven, trying to switch off my laptop an hour before bed and meditate as part of my wind down time. My phone stays on as I’ll be texting Stuart, but I turn the internet off -although not as early as I should!

The mantra I live by:

Work hard and be patient