Get the chance to meet Pavel running workshops at the HBC Summit, happening in London on May 19th 2018. Check the full line up here.

We caught up with Deep.Social founder, Pavel Maurus, to discuss the future of influencer marketing and how Deep.Social is striving to become the go-to solution for analytics and influencer marketing.

Initially, we created Marketplace with a strong accent to data insights. When we tried to sell it to both Influencers and brands we realised that market is saturated. Then we tried to sell our USP – data insights and secured the first sale within a week. So we realised that instead of keeping it to ourselves and struggling to get influencers and brands on board it’s much easier to make our former competitors stronger by providing them with our audience data insights. That’s how Deep Social was born in March 2017.

Do you think the market is saturated, and how can brands and influencers choose the right people to partner with?

The market is saturated and overpriced for large accounts. We identify 43,007,436 accounts with 1,000+ followers and just recently there was no technology to identify and discover all those influencers. So I think for mid-range and micro influencers everything is just starting.

Do you think micro influencers are now taking over the scene? What’s the future of bigger accounts?

I think the market is still about big accounts. Why? Can you imagine Google search results without relevance score. For example, for a keyword “influencer marketing” Google finds “About 750,000 results (0.73 seconds)”. How useful would it be to look through all 750,000 websites? Will you ever find anything? That’s the state of influencer identification before Deep Social offered TopicTensor technology. I think genuine accounts of any size will find their brands to work within the future.

Why do influencers need to start tracking their performance?

Because they will be priced according to their performance in the future. Deep social is about to offer Paid Post Performance when sponsored posts will be compared to organic and if an influencer does a lousy job for sponsored posts he will be priced accordingly with a discount for a difference between sponsored and organic posts.

Which of your tools is influencer’s favourite?

Free plan with insights for 10 Instagram accounts is the favourite. In the near future, we will offer influencers a free plan with monthly updates for audience insights including their rank for different target groups i.e. #5 most influential Instagram account in New York city among women audience. Those PDF reports will look much better than any sales deck influencers can create on their own and will cost them nothing at all.

How can people avoid metric and data overwhelm?

When you see 750,000 results found on Google you are not overwhelmed. You just click on as many as you want as they are the most relevant ones. The only reason why people are overwhelmed is that they have to use many tools and many metrics and lots of manual work to get to the bottom of which influencers to use. With proper technology, nobody will care that there are 100,000 influencers matching their search criteria as they will trust TopicTensor like they trust Google PageRank and use just the top results.

I actually think an audience of influencers will matter less as paid social will be much more efficient thanks to changes to Instagram algorithms of displaying paid partnership’s posts.

What will matter in the future is finding the most relevant, most authentic influencers.

People who can produce genuine or even viral content that is appealing to brands’ target audiences and can be tested on influencer’s audience and if successful amplified through paid social to all users within brand’s target group.

That’s why the future belongs to influencers who have chosen their niche and produces the best content in this niche and Deep Social will make sure that they are easily identified and found! I can also provide you a glimpse into the future of influencer marketing by revealing a secret link to a visualization of TopicTensor technology.

Get the chance to meet Pavel running workshops at the HBC Summit, happening in London on May 19th 2018. Check the full line up here.