It’s time to declutter our life – online and offline

When I moved to London, I moved into a quite a small room.

This lead me to develop the ‘charity shop donation’ attitude more than the obsessive-keeper one, so I feel like my Feng Shui can be seriously compromised every single time I leave something on the floor for more than a day.

Still not sure whether to blame the claustrophobic habitat or my frugal tendency, the only thing I know is that since then, I am periodically in need of a spring-clean.

As 2018 is the year of Reclaiming Our Days Off, I am making more and more space in my life.

I thought it might be the right time to give a quick wipe also to my online living space to go away a bit lighter.

Step One: Clean up your App permissions

So often we let the clutter just devastate us like a tsunami, after creeping in sign up after sign up. I am pretty sure you know what I am talking about, uh? Cheeky app developers promoting the Facebook sign-up option, or even better the Google Account one – compared to that ‘old school sign up’ written extra small in Comic Sans – ah, at the time it sounds such a great option.

However, when the day comes and you check your Facebook and Twitter Apps your heart sinks – Candy Crush Saga? Pop Sugar Active? Fitocracy? That cannot be me. You can open the Pandora’s Box by clicking on your Facebook preferences and your Twitter settings. For Google, simply type ‘Google Permissions’ et voila, you can individually revoke any unwanted app.

Step Two: Loosen up your subscription belt.

Phew, that was a tough one, now what about all those emails and websites you haven’t checked in ages?

An inbox of 250 emails is not a healthy one, but what if I told you that the Inbox Nirvana is closer than what you’d think?

You can either do it old school and unsubscribe manually (especially if, like me, you get the declutter bug quite often), or you can use services like (a favourite we mentioned before) despite not having tried it myself, I read positive reviews from different sources. The app allows you to funnel your emails into a daily digest, and control your subscriptions in one click.

I would use it especially if you are a serial subscriber, and you are dealing with a serious amount of junk.

When it comes to nasty accounts instead, you should definitely check out, a website with handy tips and how-to delete your accounts from the ‘as easy as a pie ones’ to the ‘Sherlock Cases’.

Step three: Update your online story

Last but not least, ask yourself: how is my social looking?

Rewrite your Twitter Bio, update your LinkedIn profile (you never know), and tweak your Facebook settings. Update your portfolio, and why not trying Google yourself just to see what comes up. If there’s anything that shouldn’t be there, I suggest you to head to a great LifeHack article about ‘How to clean up your online presence‘, complete with links to report any suspicious link or image.

Are you looking to save time, reclaim your day off and make more space for great things in 2018? Don’t forget to join our Reclaim your Day Off campaign.