As we mentioned before, rewards and incentivisation have become a big driver of a lot of the new influencer platforms.

As part of a completely new service from indaHash, “Pay-With-Fame”, influencers will have the possibility of exchanging their earned Coins for a variety of different offers from brands – yes, cryptocurrency is coming to the influencer world, and with a bang.

When it comes to standardising the ‘token’ model (where you’d basically be looking to exchange value in form of products or opportunities.

Yes, a new makeup bag won’t pay rent, nevertheless, the model is surely gaining traction over obsolete pay per post platforms.

Whilst a handful of apps are making collaborations easier for influencers and brands by creating efficient workflows, marketplaces are seeing that ‘tokenised’ platforms are adding a level of ease in the communication.

Are we really going back to bartering?

Here’s where IndaHash smartly allowed influencers to use tokens to increase their audience engagement by rewards and gamification and allow them to access some of the offers in the IndaBash marketplace: think customised prizes personalized by the influencer, one on one meetings and other social activities.

They are also able to exchange their tokens for payout – plus, influencers can receive transfers immediately, eliminating the 30-60 day waiting periods for payments or use them as investments and wait for the value to grow (however, that implies a higher risk).

Easier workflows for brands

Brands will be encouraging true loyalty from the influencers by offering exclusive discounts on products and services, as well as bespoke packages. On the one hand, brands can look to receive authentic reviews, on the other hand, it may be hard to justify the influencers’ work in exchange for a discount.

The indaHash app is used by over 330,000 users in 70 countries. 18% of the token emission will be used to help educate influencers and motivate them to actively use and fully understand the benefits of the indaHash Coin. Will this be the solution to the matter?

The jury is out.