Two Chicks are the creators of free-range liquid egg white products. Founders Anna and Alla got the idea for the company when Anna was in LA, and noticed that you could buy egg whites everywhere. At the time, you couldn’t get preprepared liquid egg whites in the UK, so she brought the idea back across the pond and worked with business partner, Alla to make the idea a reality. Two Chicks egg white products are available in-store in Tesco and  Asda, and online at Ocado and


What did you study and why 

  • University: UCL – Economics. My education was invaluable in enabling me to set up the business, I was able to do the financial model and forecast for the business plan and I did all our accounts when we initially started the business.
  • College: Hampstead School – this state school education gave me the grit I need to thrive in what can be quite a cut throat world.

My work experience that lead up to Two Chicks

  1. Paper round aged 12! I guess I always had the drive and determination and wanted to work with retailers and customers!
  2. Coaching tennis from the age of 16. This ties in with my enjoyment of a fit and healthy lifestyle. I was forced to play tennis every day as a child, but I am now very grateful for all the effort that my parents put into pushing me to work hard and succeed.

I got the idea for my company when…

My business partner Anna had the idea after living in LA for a few months, where egg white was available in every store and egg white omelettes were on the menus of all the restaurants and cafes. Anna and I sat down together and wrote the business plan, she did the writing whilst I worked on the financials. Having enjoyed egg white in LA, Anna spotted celebrities talking about egg white omelettes in the UK, but you weren’t able to buy egg white here. After we had written the business plan, I literally begged a family friend for a tiny bit of funding which enabled us to launch the product.

The worst part of my job:

I honestly enjoy every day of running my business. It can of course be stressful sometimes, especially when things go wrong, which they quite often do!

The best part of my job:

It is an amazing feeling to walk into stores, in the UK and abroad, and into people’s homes and see our products!

Three tips for people looking to start their own business in the food industry:

  1. Make sure your idea is new and unique, as it’s pretty hard to get products into supermarkets so you need to have something that stands out.
  2. Keep pushing and don’t take no for an answer.
  3. Have enough money/ideas for a great marketing campaign. Products very rarely sell themselves!