To learn how to craft effective CTAs, why don’t you check our course Collaboration Ninja and the section about lead magnets?

You are a blogger – yes. You’re writing to attract an audience and build trust – sure. You want to educate, inform and – if you are me – entertain.

But the difference between a blogger and a really successful blogger lies in that final step, the one a lot of people forget about: effective CTAs.

What is a CTA?

A CTA is a Call To Action. You have to ask your readers to take action based on what they’ve read. If you gander around our ‘Profit Wizardry‘ course, this name will not surprise you.

Your call to action is the part of your content where you’re going to ask the reader to do something.

Just to help you out, the action might be to:

– Sign up for my newsletter
– Buy a product
– Join an event
– Vote for me

CTAs are the bread and butter of an effective marketing strategy – whether you are working with a client as a health coach, or you are asking people to subscribe to your newsletter. However, most people do not venture there. Why, you may ask?

You might be thinking things like, “I don’t want to turn people off by asking them to do something”. Or, “my readers might unsubscribe from my email list if I start selling them things”. Or my all time favourite “what if I come across as pushy and annoying?”.

Most likely, your readers are truly eager to hear more about working with you. Or when they can meet you live at your events, or how to get weekly updates from you.

Objectively, the big elephant in the room is your confidence.

If you want to create an effective call to action, it should come from a place of knowing your offer is valuable, useful, and helpful to the reader. If you can’t honestly say that, work on improving your content first.

Once that is clear, you want to make sure your CTA clearly stands out. A clear CTA uses the right words and combine them with a graphic treatment that makes the call to action stand out visually, so your reader stops and pays attention to it.

How do you do that? On the writing size, the rule is very simple: emphasise benefits, not features. So many people focus on what you are getting from taking action (ebooks, videos, etc) instead of the benefits of taking action. This sounds obvious to you, but once again, it takes conscious effort to stop and ask “how am I going to help my reader?”.

What you’re offering readers is a better version of themselves in one of these five categories:
1. Improved health
2. More wealth
3. Closer relationships
4. Greater success
5. More peace of mind and serenity

Find the category your CTA fits into, and make sure that your headline and copy highlight that. Let the button be an assertive ‘SIGN ME UP!’ ‘SEND ME MY GUIDE’ and you are halfway there. When it comes to the visual side, you can improve your CTA through a few basic design tricks:

1. Make it large and bolde.
2. Change the colours
3. repeat the CTA multiple times at the beginning and end of the page

A CTA is a great way of leading people to become loyal readers, and one day customers. Take care to ensure that it’s as irresistible as you are, and it will reward you by working day and night, drawing readers and customers to your blog.

To learn how to craft effective CTAs and lead magnets for your newsletter, check our Collaboration Ninja course.