I’m a wife, mama, scientist, yoga instructor, and fitness lover. I know what it’s like to not feel like there are enough hours in the day but I truly believe you can have everything you want if you plan and work hard. Our life is a busy one, but I love every moment.

I work full time doing research/development work in cancer genetics, I’m a wife, mama, teach yoga on the side, and manage to fit in my fitness schedule so Instagram can slip down the priorities list.

Credits: @courtneysfitlife_

My Instagram is almost like a mini diary.

I share my thoughts, my adventures, my struggles, and my triumphs. It fits into my daily life because it’s just a bit of documentation of my day to day I guess.

I’d like to say my fitness regime is intense and balanced! I do high-intensity circuit training which includes cardio and plyometrics 3 per week, lift in the gym 4 per week, HIIT 2-3 per week and teach/practice yoga 2-3 per week.

One of the biggest fitness misconceptions is unrealistic expectations upon starting something new.

When someone starts into a new fitness regimen or nutrition plan, whether they’re a beginner or seasoned, they expect change to occur quickly.

Change takes a significant amount of time and it can be difficult to maintain motivation through those initial weeks to really reap the benefits of your hard work.

When it comes to working with brands, I mostly let brand reach out to me, however, sometimes I’ll reach out to brands I love to see if they’d be interested in creating something together.

I only work with brand doing/producing things that I really love and that resonate with me. Their message has to blend with my own.

Credits: @courtneysfitlife_

Hold onto your integrity, it’s all you have.

Never work with a product or brand that you don’t use and love. It’s great if brands want to work together, send you free stuff, and/or even pay you but if the product isn’t something you love your audience recognizes that. It’s not worth losing your integrity for a little cash.

Know the worth of your time and your talent.

I’m getting better, but in the past, I’ve had brands really take advantage of me. Sometimes our vision for what we’re creating is off from the beginning and we just clash. For example, I worked with a brand that initially wanted authentic and real fitness/lifestyle oriented content. As the relationship progressed they started shifting more toward sex appeal in fitness. They wanted highly sexualised content from me and kept rejecting images I submitted for approval.

However, I was unwilling to compromise on who I was to fit in their marketing style. We struggled through our contract and parted ways after a lot of heated back and forth. In the end, I stuck to my guns but it’s not always easy.

I’ve worked with some really great people and companies.

I think I most like the collaborations that push my ability to be creative. The ones where you really have to think about how you’re going to capture how you feel and interact with a product. When you capture something that you feel really showcases your feelings it’s kind of cool.