Let’s talk about content calendars.

Without a content calendar we would not be able to promote, produce and deliver blog posts so effortlessly — even on weekends.

As our HBC Magazine is constantly updated on a daily basis, I know that having a functional content calendar is the best way to ensure that I don’t have to worry about when and how my content goes out.

Talking about content calendars, today I want to introduce you to Coschedule, which you may have also seen in action in our blogging courses — obsessed much?

CoSchedule is a cloud-based management tool that allows individuals, small or large teams to coordinate, schedule, and manage online content, promotion & campaigns.

If you are an entrepreneur, author, designer, blogger, or even a small to medium sized business, this is the tool you need to organize production schedules and provide structure for you and your team to ultimately share ideas with your audiences.

Anything that allows me to free up an extra 30 minutes for a gym session is definitely a keeper, right? Anyway, enough with my crazy fitness junkie moments.

Coschedule is an amazing tool and there are specific reasons why I think it works really well for business owners.

With Coschedule, you finally have the partner you need to navigate the social content landscape.

CoSchedule functions seamlessly within WordPress to manage your editorial calendar, which prevents you from switching tabs from WordPress to a Google spreadsheet to organise your calendar, or to update things across multiple channels.

The first reason is that Coschedule works really well for small teams.

It allows us at the Health Bloggers Community to get a better insight into what our team members are producing and writing: whether it is a VA, a copywriter or a content creator, you want to make sure you can communicate within each blog post and assign quick tasks.

CoSchedule makes it easy to see what you’ve got coming out in the next few weeks, and where you need to add content. You can simply drag and drop articles around. If you ever need to move a blog post to another day you can do so easily with a click and drag- the main perk is that the WordPress post syncs with the calendar, so there are no mistakes and no need to update in multiple places.

A few ways Co-Schedule can help you as a blogger include:

  • Determine the best time for you to message your audience
  • Create more content you can draft in a few easy steps
  • Create campaigns for your brand collaborations
  • Brainstorm ideas and topics in advance so you’ve always got ideas at the ready
  • Help be more organized with ensuring you’re hitting deadlines for sponsored content

Another amazing thing about Coschedule is that it doesn’t just schedule your blog posts, but also the social media promotion.

Whether you are looking to create elaborate posts or simply make a really clear call-to-action across all your social media channels, it allows you to do so in a user-friendly way within your blog post. No more time spent hopping between websites like a MOFO, thank you!

As I am a sucker for tools myself, the idea of creating content using Google Docs — or gathering stats with Google Analytics — makes the inner geek in me rejoice. You can even sync your Evernote directly into Coschedule.

The fact that you can customise the way your social posts go out on Coschedule as much as you want is definitely a winner.

You can even integrate it with Buffer in order to have fewer posts going out at the same time.

As a handy add-on, you can now select to share a plain link post or an image post. Coschedule automatically pulls the images from your blog post to make it really simple to create tweets and Facebook posts with a header image from your blog.

This is a very simple way the CoSchedule workflow would look like:

  • Proofread and format content for publication
  • Customise the sharing copy and image for each platform via the CoSchedule WordPress plugin
  • Schedule out all social shares using a modified version of this social media calendar

When it comes to analytics, CoSchedule shares with you how engaging your content is to various audiences.

The application provides statistics for individual platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to help track and measure best content. With an informed perspective, you can better plan and implement your social media strategy.

Co-Schedule also launched a new feature called ‘ReQueue’, which reminds me of Edgar back in the day.

It’s the magical social media schedule that fills itself, as the more messages you add, the more gaps it will intelligently fill for you.

The more messages you add, the more gaps ReQueue will intelligently fill for you.

ReQueue fills in the gaps of your daily schedule (with intelligence), not manual guesses. It takes into account your entire social schedule, using Best Time Scheduling to promote your messages at the most optimal times and finds the gaps in your schedule (so you don’t have to).

We started using it for the HBC, and after a bit of an adjustment period, it’s definitely helped us save more time, so we can focus on other tasks that matter more.

Overall, a content calendar allows you to organise yourself and have much better clarity and more time, making sure you deliver content in the best and most effective way possible. 

Some other handy features offered by Coschedule include:

  • Scheduling to Pinterest
  • Social Templates
  • Headline Analyzer (which is actually free to use)
  • Best Time Scheduling (CoSchedule will choose the best time to publish your posts)

To summarise it, Coschedule is a simple way to schedule social shares for all important platforms directly from WordPress.

The time we save having all of our content ‘under one roof’ is invaluable to us as a team. In today’s online world, you have to stay on top of your projects or risk falling behind.

Whether you have an online magazine or a very active blog, have a look at Coschedule and see if it works for you, I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.