Social media is an incredibly powerful tool.

With millions of posts going out every day following a particular trend, theme or idea, messages build up to have an effect on individuals.

This can be a great thing, bit it can also be a bad thing. A post can liberate one person, but agitate another.

As a wellness blogger or brand, your aim is to impact people’s lives in a ‘well’ or ‘positive’ way. You want to help, not hinder them.

The rise of wellness as a lifestyle trend has overall been a really positive movement, with lots of people becoming more aware of how they can improve their overall wellbeing. Like anything, however, there have been backlashes; sometimes through brands, influencers or companies sharing misinformation, other times through consumers misunderstanding ideas. The danger with miscommunication surrounding wellness is that it can lead to… un-wellness. This can have a direct impact on people’s health and wellbeing, which can be annoying at best and harmful at worst.

So, as an agency that markets wellbeing related brands, we have put together a set of values understood by the brands we work with to do our very best to have a positive impact on our audience. It is my belief that impactful marketing can be achieved through creativity and empowerment, rather than having to degrade and devalue people.

Together, these values create trustworthy brands that seek to change the world for the better through inspiring their audiences. Isn’t that why we started our wellness brands and services in the first place?

We think the quote below is something we should all bear in mind before publishing a post, social message or campaign:

 “If the words you wrote were printed on your skin, would you still be beautiful?”

Core Values in Wellness Marketing

Be Authentic.

Social media is infamous for its inauthenticity, with many people portraying highly edited and perfected versions of themselves. As a wellness brand, you should believe in the promotion of honesty and transparency. Present yourself in a way that does not boast perfection but seeks to improve your audience’s health and wellbeing.


Through technology and social media, we can promote creativity, tolerance and optimism about change. We look up to brands that use social media to inspire positive change and help impact the way people think for the better.


People love brands that show passionate engagement with the world; brands that are aware of their impact — whether social, ethical or environmental — and who show responsibility. These brands have an understanding of how they fit into the world and the importance of having a positive effect.


Constantly question how your behaviour affects others and use up-to-date research to limit negative impact. This is going a step further than thoughtfulness, as questioning and challenging situations is at the heart of conscious marketing. Questioning, when combined with research, leads to knowledgeable choices that successfully create the best possible impact.


It is the responsibility of the brand to empower their audience by emphasising the acceptance of imperfections and promoting an improved state of health and wellbeing rather than a perfect one. We love brands that are transparent about their practices, methods and ingredients, so consumers can be confident in their choices. This empowers consumers to contribute and invest in causes that matter to them.

Put simply, be aware. Before you hit ‘send’ on any post, think about how it might impact your audience. If the essence of your post was sent out hundreds of times with a slightly different variation, could it be dangerous to the person seeing it?

Araminta Sheridan is the founder of creative content marketing agency,  Araminta Marketing.