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Meet Amy

Amy Kilpin is a long-distance age group triathlete with a passion for letting her sport take her all over the world. Having started triathlon in 2012 with no real sporting background and unable to swim front crawl, Amy has gone on to qualify for the Ironman 70.3 World Championship three years running.

My typical day

I like to try and complete the first training session of the day first thing in the morning, and this is most often a swim or a fasted run. I usually get up at around 6am.

After that, I’ll have some breakfast and go to my home office or to a client office to get on with some work. Late afternoon is usually when I complete my second training session of the day. I like to get all my training done before dinner as I am a firm believer in slowing the body down in the evenings!

I’m also a keen early-nighter – I like to be in bed by 9pm so I can read before sleeping.

I’m a marketing consultant and run my own marketing business.

This means I benefit from greater flexibility than a traditional 9-5 role, but it also means I end up working in the evenings, on weekends, and nearly always when I am away training and/or racing.

I love my work though so I don’t mind; it doesn’t even feel like work a lot of the time. I also have a great range of clients across different industries so it keeps things really interesting.

In my marketing capacity I provide support to companies across the whole marketing mix: digital marketing which incorporates websites, social media channels, email, online advertising and video campaigns.

I also focus on offline marketing such as collaterals and point of sale, PR and media relations, events, budget management, brand building and a fair bit of strategy and planning. Quite a bit really.

As a business owner I am exposed to the myriad components of running a business such as all the sexy financial stuff too. Although I mostly leave that to my accountant!

Because I’m self-employed it does make it easier to fit in training sessions.

I have a bit more flexibility around training in the day as I don’t really work structured hours. I regularly work in the evenings as I find it, ironically, quite relaxing.

I’d much rather spend my evening working than training as I prefer to slow the body down towards the end of the day.

I do end up working on planes, trains and bank holidays but I wouldn’t change that! I also take regular training trips abroad, especially in the winter. This enables me to maximise training opportunities when the UK weather is far less than desirable – the great benefit I have is that I just take my work with me.

I am a lifelong vegetarian so as you might imagine, I do have to supplement with protein a bit to meet the demands of training.

When I discovered CocoPro I was amazed at how convenient it was – and no ambiguous powders with god knows what in them! I stick to pure food so this was a great find.

I regularly take them with me to my client offices for ‘on the go’ protein, I also take them to races for a post-race recovery, and they also regularly come with me to the gym. I have to say, they are great post-treadmill session as they usually end up pretty sweaty, so the natural electrolyte replacement is very handy. So useful for just about everything really!

There’s so many positive aspects to my work, I genuinely love it.

One of the best parts is that I am my own boss so I can carry on working while I’m on a training camp in a warmer, sunnier place, and I can work whatever hours I want.

I really enjoy the work I do with my clients – I’ve learned so much and have developed relationships with extremely talented people, and I’ve also been presented with amazing opportunities.

I don’t know if I can really think of a ‘worst’ aspect – I guess it’s swings and roundabouts, sometimes I’m jealous of my fellow athletes when I’m on a training camp because they can just chill on the sofa in between sessions and I’m usually typing away furiously on my laptop!

I have to admit I am a bit of a Netflix fiend.

I’m not generally very good at relaxing so unless I get into something to watch, I will most likely end up just working all evening which can lend itself to possible burnout. I’m really careful about that as I am aware that I am juggling a lot.

Having balance is super important if you’re pushing hard in life. I’m also not afraid to admit I do love a glass of wine occasionally!

I’m a very organised person so I often prepare things I might need for the next day. If I’m heading into a client office I’ll often prepare a salad in a Tupperware as well as a range of snacks to keep me going.

There’s nearly always kit to prepare as well, as I usually try and double up on swimming pool and client office trips, or gym and London trips. I end up dragging a lot of kit around with me. I’ll prepare it all the night before so it’s minimum fuss in the morning.

I love being part of Team CocoPro as I feel part of a unique product.

I started working with CocoPro when it was still pretty new to the market – it’s still a revolutionary product even now, a few years later. But I am really honoured to have been involved since close to the beginning – I’ve even seen it go through about three brand changes!

I am a huge fan of the convenience of ‘on the go’ and tasty protein and as a vegetarian athlete, I’m so grateful to have CocoPro pretty much on tap. The team are all awesome too and all really understand the inner workings of sport.

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