We are always looking for the latest news in health and wellness. Today we talk about how Sephora is redefining the business of beauty, how Citymapper is making our cities more bike-friendly


Sephora is defining clean beauty-and here’s how your skin can benefit

Confused about the wide range of buzzwords on clean-beauty products like natural, organic, or eco? Sephora just dropped a clean-beauty seal to designate brands free of a list of ingredients you might want to avoid-here are our fave picks from the new Clean at Sephora offerings.

Citymapper lets you find Ofo, Mobike and scooters around you

Urban transportation app Citymapper quietly rolled out an app update that lets you find many alternative mobility services in the app. You can now find the nearest dockless bike or electric scooter around you (not the Bird and Lime kind, the motorcycle kind). The integrations are already live in many cities.

Instagram Now Has a Billion Monthly Active Users

In amongst the announcements related to their new video platform IGTV, Instagram also included another significant piece of news – the platform has now surpassed one billion monthly active users. For those keeping track, that now puts Instagram clearly into the top social apps, in terms of users, and makes it Facebook’s fourth billion-user platform.

Japanese-style flash-chilled coffee is about to be your quick-brewed summer obsession

Flash-chilled coffee, or Japanese iced coffee, is a quick and easy DIY alternative to cold brew that maintains the nuanced flavors of a special roast. It involves putting ice directly in your Chemex or in your mug, and having your pour-over brew directly in.

This Big Aussie Supermarket Chain Has Banned Plastic Bags

If you’re a supermarket shopper down under, you’ll no doubt be very familiar with those ubiquitous, grey plastic bags that are part and parcel of a trip to the retail-hubs of Woolworths and Coles. Well, not for much longer y’all-as Woolworths have officially banned the use of single use plastic bags as of June the 20th, with Coles to follow suit come July 1st.