Between chic boutique studio openings, new classes, and brand new trends (remember horse yoga? You don’t? Probably for the best), we have followed our influencers in their adventures.

It’s now time to ask the experts to see where the industry has been heading, and what we’ll see coming up in 2018.

Sneakers at the ready.

Shorter class lengths, which we saw an uptick in the past year with more studios adding, have continued to be the preferred choice of most busy ClassPass users (based on an industry report released last spring).

Several studios realised the power of a quick sweat during the lunch hour, tapping into the market of busy professionals with a 30/45 minute window.

What do you think the most popular day of the week to work out was?

Tuesday was by far the most popular day to head to the gym. Monday you cannot get out of bed, and on Friday Prosecco hour starts at 4pm (we won’t judge), so Tuesday won by far as the perfect sweet spot.

The busiest day of the YEAR for Classpass users was NOT in January.

No NY resolution frenzy: turns out, February 28th was the top day that most people decided to get their fitness on.

Also, unsurprisingly, themed classes have seen explosive growth and traffic this past year.

For studio owners, it is an opportunity to engage with your community and current cultural trends by designing special classes, such as a Lady Gaga-themed class timed around the Super Bowl, or a partner’s class for Valentine’s Day.

And as for the most popular class?

Strength training is here to stay, which is great news. Interestingly meditation, restorative, and recovery classes are the fastest growing new trend this year (up by an incredible 16 percent). More fitness studios have started to address the body as a whole by focusing on mindfulness as well in class. Meditation classes and alternative modalities such as restorative and foam-rolling classes help the mind and body function at its best.

The studios themselves have been also more focused on adding personal touches such as offering fresh, naturally-flavored water, cold towels after class, high-end amenities in the bathroom or locker room, and Instagram-worthy studio spaces or pop-up experiences, to invite the fit fam to feel part of a community they’ll want to engage with again and again.

If you’d like to see a clear breakdown of the US market, have a look at this handy infographic below:

Credits: ClassPass