As a health blogger, you will understand the importance of keeping your body fuelled by energy. Low energy and lethargy make getting through each day much harder. If you’re running on a low level for a prolonged period of time, physical issues or illnesses can manifest themselves.

But what people often don’t think about is how this energy is channelled through our bodies.

Much like blood is moved around our bodies by the circulatory system, and our respiratory system naturally draws in air, energy is constantly pulsing through our chakra system. Today I want to introduce you to the system of seven energetic points in your body, and how you can use this knowledge to upgrade your health and wellbeing.

The chakra system is made up of seven major points that run from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. Each of them is linked to a specific aspect of life and by being aware of their positioning and the effects they are having on your body, you can build greater self-awareness regarding your emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Root Chakra

The first chakra is positioned at the base of your spine, it is know as either the base chakra or root chakra.

This chakra is linked to the material world, the body and our survival instincts. It is at its healthiest and most balanced when you feel secure in the physical world. If you have lower back or coccyx pain this can often be related to money stresses or feelings of instability.

To improve the energetic flow through this chakra and release any blockages, you can take time to ground yourself. This can be done in numerous ways, but I always recommend meditating; imagine yourself as a tree, sinking your roots deep into the ground until you feel anchored and nourished by the Earth.

Other ways to support your root chakra are to surround yourself with the colour red (the colour of this particular chakra), get out into nature and put your bare feet on the earth, or do yoga poses like locust and bridge pose.

Sacral Chakra

The second chakra is situated in your lower stomach (for women, where your womb is) and is known as the sacral chakra.

Its primary concerns are sexuality, desire and emotions. After having created a steady foundation of security and self-survival with your root chakra, we are now introducing the concept of duality and experiencing the concept of other. This chakra is at its strongest when you have found the perfect balance in your life between all aspects of self and other: masculine/feminine, me/you.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your womb or lower digestive system this is often due to a lack of balance and harmony in this area of your energetic system. To improve the flow and balance in the sacral chakra I recommend that you start paying more attention to your emotions by honouring and expressing them in healthy ways. Another key thing that women can do to support this chakra is to really understand their menstrual cycle, the natural rhythms of their body, and come to peace with this incredible gift of life that we carry.

Other ways to improve energetic flow through this chakra are to surround yourself with objects and crystals of the colour orange, give yourself more sensual experiences, and practise yoga poses like the goddess pose or hip circling.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The third chakra is associated with free will, personal power and self-esteem, and is located in your upper stomach, just below your rib cage.

At the junction of this chakra, we begin to see how we can manipulate and control forward motion in our lives to create transformation. This is the space in which we choose where we head in life and take much less passive action to manifest the desires we discovered at our sacral chakra.

Issues with this chakra often manifest themselves in stomach problems, such as ulcers, acidity and general problems with the digestive system. This occurs when your self-esteem is low and you feel powerless to channel and control the flow of your life into any form of purpose or meaning.

To move past this, I recommend taking time to know where you do want to head in life, even if it feels like a dream that will never be realised. To imagine it in the first instance is to sow the seed of possibility. Then you can look at the actionable steps that it would take to get you there and see that in reality it would not be as difficult as you imagined.

You can also use yellow coloured crystals and objects to awaken this chakra; get out into the sun and soak up some vitamin D; make time to socialise and collaborate with others; or focus on bow pose or pike pose in your yoga practise.

Those are the first three chakras of the energetic system and I hope that this knowledge will help you to identify any negative patterns in your life that you now have the power to change and heal. In the next episode, I will continue to explain the upper four chakras, giving you insight into more spiritual and creative energies that will allow you to reach greater heights with your life, relationships and career.