Behold lovers of juicy burgers (beanie and meaty alike). Today the UK celebrates the 5th edition of National Burger Day.

The most important day in the culinary calendar is back for 2017. Mr Hyde National Burger Day is kicking off the burger celebrations on Thursday 24 August.

One of man’s greatest creation, the humble burger, is an extremely versatile one.

London itself is the mecca of delicious burgers. For the last 5 years, names like Patty & Bun and Stokey Bears have made meat eaters rejoice.

In honour of NBD, there are plenty of amazing offers and exclusive recipes, including Waxy’s brand new Veggie burger to the menu plus a special All Day Breakfast Burger.

Veggie lovers can now celebrate in style as well, as loads of amazing veggie options are popping all over the city.

Vurger Co is a delicious artisan veggie burger made entirely from plant based ingredients.
New York city explores new exciting flavours with Cinnamon Snail seitan-based round topped with sautéed kimchi, pickled red onions, black- sesame gomashio and sriracha mayonnaise.

If you are looking to celebrate national burger day with some homemade juicy goodness, we recommend you trying some of these recipes from our bloggers.


We are loving Strength & Sunshine Pad Thai burgers: “the ultimate Pad Thai, but in an easy portable pattie package, if you will.” Chickpeas, broccoli, lime, peanut flour, cilantro, lemongrass, as well as the centrepiece, the peanut.

For more adventurous options, we also recommend you to check our Anne’s Travel Foodie sushi burger, with a white rice bun, filled with avocado and salmon.

If you are looking to get back to basics, we recommend you to check out Leisha Mulvey’s vegan bean burgers, or for meat eaters, Greek chicken burgers by Seed of Life Health: “The hidden vegetables in the chicken mince not only add to flavour to the patties, but also are a sure way of adding extra nutrients to your meal.”

From: Cookie&

Another delicious beany option is cookie&biscuit cannellini and artichoke burger.

The base is made with cannellini beans which is known for its low GI index, meaning you stay fuller for longer, and curb sugary cravings